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How will people and society change in the future?

We will eventually reach a state where everyone in society will have the same level of prosperity, receiving what we need for a normal life, realizing our full potential to participate in social life by caring for others, and increasing the importance of mutual consideration and responsibility throughout society.

In such a state, we will be able to completely fulfill our passions and desires. We have characteristics such as competitiveness, envy, fervor, fame and control for a reason. Such characteristics will remain the same, but we will find a new way to use them, where instead of using them at the expense of each other, we will use them to benefit and uplift each other.

Reaching a state of mutual consideration and responsibility does not only mean that we will have life’s essentials guaranteed, such as food, shelter, safety, health and education. In addition to receiving life’s essentials, we will be able to continually elevate the quality of life worldwide, while maintaining our balance with nature. Suffering in all of its forms will decrease in such a state, and we will be able to provide all the abundance we want for each other. It is far from being a state where we simply limit ourselves to only supplying for the physical body’s minimal requirements. However, supplying life’s essentials to every person would be an initial target toward such a state.

The future society has several factors that we will need to consider. Will the current experienced systems continue to exist or we will need to create new systems that will be under the constant influence of the same environment and social control? These are very interesting scrutinies, but ultimately we will need to learn how to perfect ourselves and our social environment. That is the basis of a harmonious and peaceful society.

Based on “A New Life” episode 8 with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi on January 5, 2012. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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