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How do you define good and bad?

Good is when we progress in a direction that brings us closer to balance with nature, and not in directions concocted by the human mind.

The more we develop, the more nature trashes man-made ideological directions for the world, and pressures us to discover balance with itself.

“Good” thus becomes our voluntary motion to the balance that nature wants us to experience.

If, however, we move involuntarily, then we feel bad.

Our growing imbalance with nature gives rise to myriad problems and crises on all levels of life—personal, social, economic and ecological—in order to ultimately pressure us to change our direction to a good one.

Alternatively, we can also say that nature’s pressures are also good, because the more we experience negative phenomena in our lives, the more they prod us to examine the direction our lives are headed, and then reach a decision to change direction sooner rather than later.

The point is that we should not feel good while we grow in our imbalance with nature, and instead progress toward balance with nature, which is where nature pushes us. A bad feeling in our egoistic approach to life, where we exist in opposition to nature, is thus good, because from the negative sensation in our egoistic lives, we come closer to finding a solution in a new altruistic direction, balanced with nature.

In order to pay more attention to what nature wants from us, we should consider where we are, and what is our surrounding nature?

Nature is an interconnected and interdependent system. Everything exists harmoniously in nature, and so if we organize ourselves with harmonious relations, then we can realize the harmony existing in nature in our own relations.

We should consider that nature consists of four levels—inanimate, vegetative, animate and human—and we humans comprise its highest level, the center of creation. Balance with nature comes down to us at the human level developing positive connections with each other. We should thus listen to nature, pay attention to what it wants us to understand, trust it and go with its flow.

Everything will work out when we reach balance with nature. Most importantly, we should discover a new world in the positive connections among us, as such connections hold the key to a positive life for everyone and for nature as a whole.

Based on a talk with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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