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How do I clean myself spiritually and how do I start?

Spiritual work starts from accepting the laws of your own correction.

To do so requires:

  • reaching an understanding that rising above the ego is of utmost importance, and that
  • connection to others as a single whole according to the rule “love your neighbor as yourself” is the loftiest spiritual goal, and also that
  • achieving this goal requires a supportive environment—support and encouragement of each other’s aspirations to achieve the spiritual goal.

After setting yourself up in such a way, you can then make spiritual progress.

The spiritual path is full of contradictory states—elation one moment, lowliness the next, ascents and descents—sometimes we feel as if there are no spiritual states, desires or intentions before us, but if we create an environment that supports us on our way to the spiritual goal, we eventually undergo a correction of all these egoistic qualities, inverting them all into altruistic ones, as is written that “love will cover all transgressions.”

Undergoing spiritual correction means inverting our egoistic qualities to altruistic qualities.

Reaching such a state means discovering the common soul where everyone resides, with love connecting between us all.

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