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How can we read someone’s mind?

It is possible if we work on ourselves in such a way where we become different people. In other words, if we pass ourselves over to the states of others, as if copying their states onto ourselves, then we can read their thoughts and desires.

However, it is no simple task. Doing so requires prioritizing the thoughts and desires of others ahead of our own, devoting and even annulling ourselves to them. We then make our mind as their mind, and can feel their desires and thoughts.

Such is the outcome of a process of increasing the greatness of others, up to a point where we feel them as being of utmost importance. When we start relating with primacy to the thoughts and desires of others, we then start feeling a whole new and enormous world open up: Instead of perceiving within our own narrow individual perspectives, we add a perception through the thoughts and desires of others. It can be likened to how cells feel their host organism as much greater than their own individual status, which causes them to act maximally for their host organism’s benefit, and receive from the host organism only what they need in order to act for the host’s benefit.

When we discover that kind of connection to each other—where we each think of the other as greater and more important than we are to ourselves, and create an atmosphere of support and encouragement in providing each other with everything necessary in order to nurture that connection—then we will experience a newfound harmony stemming from our unified inclinations to come out toward one another.

The laws of nature, which are laws of love, altruism and connection, set the scenario that reading someone’s mind is possible on condition that we approach them with a genuine intention for their benefit. If any shred of egoistic and exploitative intention is laced within, then we will remain mentally and emotionally detached.

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