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Today we are in a deepening global crisis, and seemingly we are desperately looking for help solving it. The problem is that we try to cure a disease without first establishing the proper diagnosis.

As far as resolving the global crisis, first we need education. Instead of talking about economic solutions, shortages, and division of surpluses, we need to understand that as part of our evolution as humans, we’ve come to a point where we have to begin to connect because a network of connections is appearing among us, compelling us to maintain good contacts with one another.

The faulty connections among people are the reason for all the crises—in families, education, culture, and economy. These crises will not calm until we resolve them through heartfelt consideration and mutual trust. Only then will we be able to develop systems that will correct that which needs mending.

In the world, as well as within us, a global, integral form is appearing. There is nowhere to run. It is not by chance that Nature has stopped developing us as it has done thus far.


Find Out How You Can Take Evolution into Your Own Hands

We must see that we have no other choice but to reeducate ourselves and build new systems of living.

Nature is pushing us toward a situation where we have to determine our next step in evolution. We’ve always evolved blindly, but now, for the first time, we need to develop on our own. Until today our egos have been pushing us to develop. We rushed to develop anything we could, discovered and developed numerous things while myriad people were selling each other their products.

Now a sudden standstill is happening. It is the first time we have to stop and reflect on where we have arrived, and what has happened. Our children no longer look at us as role models; they’re seemingly telling us, “Why did you bring us into this world? Why did you give birth to us?”

We were running forward, but now we’ve stopped and are wondering where to run to next, and why.

So first, we need to recognize the situation that has formed as we evolved. We need to recognize it and understand it, or we won’t reach a state where everyone is considerate of others. In the past, policy was determined by a handful of scientists or politicians, sages, or a king. This has changed. A new law is appearing, which everyone will have to keep. This is why we need education.


Finally, Education You Can Actually Use

It is impossible to force people into following this law, or fine or imprison those who don’t. We need to instill this law right into our connections with others, into people’s hearts. This time it’s not about buying or selling to each other; it is a new and special situation.

Today many people are talking about a process that is just beginning, and which is on another level of development. That process is called “the evolution of man.” We are building among us a single image, a reciprocal system, a mutual connection called “Man.” There cannot be anyone, anywhere in the world, who will not want to partake in it. We have no choice; we have to reach everyone because we are all interdependent.

But first, there must be a genuine revolution in children’s education in the new generation. That way we’ll at least see the new generation beginning a good, balanced life of consideration and safety, a life where no one hits another person, sells children drugs, or lures them into prostitution.

Our children are reflections of us. Because we haven’t changed ourselves, we cannot keep our children from behaving differently from us. How can we ask them to behave well when we give them bad examples?

We need to build people an environment that is inescapable, like a prison. It has to be considerate of our egos because our nature requires it. We need to teach people what they will gain not by suppressing the ego, but by using it correctly so they enjoy using it in favor of society.

Our problem is not that we’re using our egos; the ego can be a great asset. The only question is “How we use it?” If society is compelling us to use it positively, we can expose all of it and use it favorably. If we are using it not so favorably, society should make me rush to fix it. It all depends on the social framework. Man is a result of his environment, which is why we have to act without pressure and oppression.

We all need to take courses on the new world, on human psychology, human relations, parent-child relations, relations between couples, children’s education, the structure of society, the history of egoistic development, and study the global and integral systems through the functionality of the human body and the entire universe. We need to be a little more aware of what’s happening in the world. However, we need to learn it in a pleasant manner—without tests, but with discussions and mutual consideration, in study groups.

Now we need to give the very same education to ourselves, the “grownup children,” because we weren’t given it when we were kids. In fact, we’re now learning about the “me” and the “world,” about how “me and the world” should become “we and the world,” and then how “we and the world” become a single, integral “one.”

We need to educate people toward such a reality because the general Law of Nature is balance. Accordingly, we must always strive to be in the most comfortable position. Everything moves toward balance. We need to show people that the laws of balance act in physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology. Hence, human society must also be arranged according to that law.

This isn’t mysticism; it’s science. Using the global crisis, Nature is obliging us to follow that law. To do that, we are turning to experts in various fields, such as scientists and psychologists, for assistance in building our future society.


The Secret of Attaining Unlimited Fulfillment

As soon as we feel one another, we’ll be able to discover the network of connections among us, the internal communication from heart to heart and from brain to brain. Scientists maintain that we are connected in a single field on the human level. Just as there are electric force fields, magnetic force fields, and gravitational force fields, there are other force fields. We know that there is a force field of thoughts, where one can think something and another person will suddenly sense it, or someone will want something, and another person will suddenly want it, too.

As we study, we develop our sensitivity toward others so that we begin to feel and understand one another, even without words. We can exit ourselves to feel the whole of humanity as though they were our kin, our friends, as though they move deeper and deeper into our hearts, and we then feel that we have moved deeper and deeper into theirs.

A connection among us is formed, a connection that doesn’t require Internet, words, or anything else. Rather, this “heart to heart language” is all we need.

In other words, we can provide people with so much fulfillment, they won’t need anything more but to sustain their physical bodies, while their fulfillment as humans will constantly grow.

Therefore, everything we see testifies to the fact that we must develop by ourselves, build our next step by ourselves toward our own future state. We are building it; we’re not being pushed toward it by force. Instead, first we are discovering that we are miserable in our current state, and then we willingly begin to build a better future. However, we will reach that good future only if we understand, recognize, want, and build it by ourselves.

The next step is the construction of a happy humanity, in the perfect state, where we are all together, united with the whole of Nature.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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