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Does everything have an origin?

Everything comes from nature, which is a quality that functions solely in a direction of bestowal and love. Those who discovered nature as a force of bestowal and love also called it “the Creator.”

We are created in an opposite form to the Creator. While the Creator is a quality of bestowal and love, we are made of a quality to receive for self-benefit alone. We thus perceive everything through a filter of whether and how we will self-benefit. This egoistic filter that makes us constantly calculate self-benefit over benefiting others and nature, which is the Creator’s quality, is the cause of our every misfortune and pain.

Therefore, in order to discover the force that resides in our origin, the Creator, we need its help to invert our intention from being constantly self-directed to being aimed at the benefit of others and nature, i.e. a direction similar to the quality of the Creator—one of bestowal and love.

Our desire to receive for self-benefit alone was given to us from the Creator because He wants us to receive absolutely everything, but on condition that we relate to the Creator in everything we receive, i.e. to intend toward others and to the Creator as the Creator intends toward us. Once we reach such an inversion of our intention—from reception to bestowal—we then enter into equivalence of form with the Creator and discover the final purpose for which we were all created: an existence of eternity and perfection through the intention to bestow and love, upon our innate desires to receive.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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