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Could you tell me something about collective consciousness?

Consciousness exists in the collective.

We all exist in the collective consciousness similarly to how a holographic item, when it encounters light, seemingly divides a single light into different spectra.

However, the extent to which we realize collective consciousness relies on the extent to which we input each of our individual thoughts and desires into it.

While we each exist within collective consciousness, our comprehension depends on the extent of our engagement with such consciousness.

Therefore, the holographic picture exists both on collective and individual scales, as we each potentially hold the entire collective picture within each of us individually.

Reaching awareness of collective consciousness requires opening ourselves up to the collective desire and thought that exists outside of our own individual desires and thoughts.

We have the ability to pierce through our individualistic perceptions by connecting with others, i.e., aiming to feel and fulfill their desires at least to the same extent as we each aim to fulfill our own desires.

By conducting ourselves in such a manner—over time and through various states that make us face the boundary between our individualistic perceptions with the collective one, and also by organizing our environment to support our choice of the collective picture over our individualistic one time and again—we then gradually discover a wider world.

We discover that wider world within our own thoughts and desires, i.e., within us, but in that space, we feel and act toward the collective as if to ourselves.

When we reach such a state, we realize pure harmony, happiness and the sensation of eternity.

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