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Boris Johnson, the “Trump of Britain”​, has good news for Israel.

After Theresa May resigned because she was unable to implement Brexit, Boris Johnson was elected British Prime Minister. In his victory speech a week ago, Johnson reiterated his motto: “Deliver Brexitunite the country, and defeat [opposition Labour leaderJeremy Corbyn”.

If the EU had united Europe properly, the entire continent would have been a huge success. But unfortunately, the EU only served as a cover for the banks’ and industry’s economic union to make the rich even more wealthy. It is therefore no wonder that the British and other peoples in the EU are pressing their governments to disassociate themselves from it, and dismantle the agreement. If following the British people, other nations will fulfill their desire to disengage from the union, and it falls apart, the change will only be for the better.

Such a move would also be good news for Israel. The EU is dangerous to Israel because of the power of the agreement to impose economic sanctions on Israel, as part of a growing anti-Semitic spirit in Europe. Therefore, as our sages said: “Scattering the wicked – good for them and good for the world.”

In addition to Brexit and the economic aspect, if the UK wants to improve its social situation, it will also have to stop the influx of immigrants that’s changing the face of the country, preventing it from maintaining its national identity. The veteran citizens, most of whom voted for Brexit, understand that their country is slipping away. Such a move would set an example for both Europe and the world. In other words, the UK would be known as a country that had managed to take care of its citizens, and main strength and firmness.

Back to Boris. Unlike the character that the fake news is trying to portray, he is far from a clown politician. Boris Johnson, like Trump, is a pragmatic person. He is highly educated and with considerable political experience. Typically, the media’s agenda is to portray Johnson and Trump as extremist figures who lack judgement, so as to weaken their status and alter the public’s stance towards them.

The media does not like politicians who operate from independent thinking, and certainly not those who do not flow the dictates of those who own the media. Therefore, Trump and Johnson pose a threat to the hegemony of the media in controlling public opinion. Both, in contrast to the way they are presented, are very direct and do not play the political correctness game that the media has dictated for years.

I hope that Trump and Johnson will find common ground, strengthen each other, and bring with them a spirit of change. Not just for Europe, but for the world as well. And of course, high level politicians who are supportive of Israel, are only giving us an opportunity to realize our role for the benefit of the world. 

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