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Compared to the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of nature, humanity has been going through a rapid, exponentially speeding development. But we still have many open questions about our evolution.

How do we evolve, through what? What are the forces that develop us? Development can be similar to that of a child evolving through its natural drives. In the absence of external, human stimuli, a child will grow like an animal, not knowing how to do things that humanity has devised for it.

But if we build around that child a society such as kindergarten, school, educators, games, and parents who constantly try to promote it, we can significantly accelerate its development. That promotion should not be through natural drives, but through stimuli from the environment that pull it forward toward development.

Thus, there are two forces of development. One way of developing is through a force that pushes from behind. This is the Force of Nature. The other is a force that pulls from before. A child is affected by that force, if he or she is in the right environment.

The same principle applies to us. If we understand that we develop like the fruit on the tree—from bad states to good ones—then perhaps by building ourselves an environment that will pull us forward we will quickly and pleasantly evolve through our stages of development. We will not have to be pushed from behind by blows and suffering.


The Secret of Living a Life without Conflict

Today we’re in such a tragic situation, a comprehensive crisis that humanity doesn’t know what to do about it. With crises in families, in education, in culture, in spousal relationships, parent-child relationships, drugs, divorces, science, and especially the economic and ecological crises, we can’t see anything to look forward to.

In such a state, how can we build our lives so we can develop as nicely and quickly as possible? If we want to develop something more quickly, we need to build an “apparatus” that accelerates the development.

Think of an incubator for eggs. We don’t wait until they hatch. Instead, we put them in an incubator and get lots of healthy chicks without having to wait for the chicken to produce the same results.

In other words, through the right environment we can provide ourselves with correct, fast development, avoid all kinds of blows along the way, and develop well, like a child in a family that can give it the right things at the right time.


The Shocking Things Scientists Are Saying About Your Relationship to Others

The current crisis is a global and integral one. Today our studies show that we are totally interdependent, and our inability to interconnect is the source of all our troubles. This inability makes our lives miserable, unsafe, and frightening. Something is stopping us from bonding correctly, although by bonding we would eliminate the majority of our problems.

From generation to generation humanity increased its integration, cooperation, and interdependence in education and culture, industry, and so forth. Now we have come to a state where we’re not only dependent on each other for our livelihoods, we are dependent on each other in a human way. At the same time, we’ve come to a point where we cannot connect to one another, and that disconnect among us prevents us from establishing a better and safer life.

Studies published on this topic show that the desirable way for us to develop is by bonding, by being connected like lovebirds. This makes what we must do quite clear: we must build an environment that will teach us how to connect properly.

In trying to establish for ourselves the proper environment we are like wise children who understand that they must grow up well and correctly, and therefore set up an appropriate environment for themselves.

We can create that society by ourselves, but it is best if it is created for us by people who know how to do it. There are many intelligent people, including scientists who understand human development, and we just need to follow their suggestions.


At Last, Scientists Have Discovered How to Build a Perfect World

Thus, all we need is a good environment. With a good environment, I begin to feel what is bad in my own nature—that I’m an egoist, that I don’t want to bond, that I’m lazy, uncaring, and indifferent. There are many qualities in me that I don’t want to develop. But precisely through recognizing the bad within me I understand that we must create a better society.

And yet, we don’t need to develop just any environment. We need to create one that takes care of each and every one of us, so no one remains idle and “out of the game.” Just as kids grow smarter and stronger by playing games, we will achieve our perfect form and have a good life through our own games in a society that promotes us.

We must build a role-model society so it can influence us. We need its values so it will persuade us, or very one of us, so no one remains idle and “o

Now, we are embarking on a path that forces us to develop ourselves. Thus far, we’ve been evolving through Nature’s “pushing” force, and we were unable to control the pace or the way in which we developed. Now both the pace and the method depend on us. They depend on our awareness, on the extent to which we understand what we should be like in the future. Then we must aim ourselves toward this objective.

This is the meaning of “being at the human stage of development,” the “speaking” degree. Something new is evolving, an understanding of Nature, our new goal, and our need to comprehend and integrate parts of Nature’s system into our evolution.


How Implementing this Simple Information Can Massively Improve Your Life

Nature develops us just as a mother cares for her child. We must achieve that same force of love, bestowal, and mutuality. We must achieve global connectedness among us and with Nature.

Such connectedness happens only by awareness—when we understand and feel this development—and how we experience it. People must acquire awareness; they must know what kind of world they live in, and discover the whole of Nature.

Nature is admitting us into the perfect state in stages. Thus far, we have advanced through a compelling force. But from now on, we can advance only by becoming aware of how we develop. We can improve, sweeten, and rush our development from now on using the environment, just as we have done in every other realm thus far.

Parents would love to bring their kids to a place where warmth and good relationships help them connect with each other, and encourage them to be open and trust one another without fear of violence or cruelty.

In such an environment, children would grow up with the ability to absorb information and become perceptive. They would develop immense capabilities.

The positive environment can be compared to being a baby in its mother’s arms, not seeing or feeling anything but her comfort and security. Only this kind of feeling can give an infant the strength to develop. We don’t have that feeling, and this is why we have stopped evolving.

On the one hand, a crisis can be a shattering. On the other hand, it is like being reborn. Thus we need a positive environment that brings us to a state of feeling good, safe, and confident. We need an environment where we feel that the whole world wants our best and cares for us. Then, we will care for others in a place that is warm and pleasant, a world of love.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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