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As a new Quoran, how should I deal with hate comments on Quora?

You should be thankful for their responses, that what you write touches them. It means that you share a certain level of connection, even though it is negative for the time being.

However, you should try to understand why they think the way that they do, and also not focus on who is right or wrong, but on what is ultimately the truth.

The truth is a complex concept because a person can hold an opinion believing that it is the truth, but an examination into that opinion’s sources could very well reveal that it is in fact not the truth.

Therefore, we should support each other in emphasizing a sincere search for the truth. Our opinions would then hold less importance than questions about where we actually exist, and what might happen to us while we are here.

It is because today we find ourselves standing on rickety foundations, discovering from one day to the next just how fragile we are. Whether it is the coronavirus or myriad other problems in health, money, relationships or some unforseen disaster that could affect us at any given moment, today’s problems can hit any person in any location, and of any race, age, gender and class.

Our current era is characterized by increasing global interconnection and interdependence. We would thus be wise to examine the extent to which we are connected, and how we could realize our connections positively. Also, we would be wise to prioritize such a scrutiny above the battle for who is right or wrong based on our current level of understanding of ourselves and the world.

We would also be wise to seek how to put aside our anger and accusations, and let simple common sense guide us to a more neutral zone where our personalities and emotions are secondary to a search for facts on what is happening in our lives, the world and nature. It would be similar to how scientists conduct research, with an attempt at freeing the investigation from emotional baggage.

If we could support each other to centralize our focus on that kind of neutral direction, freeing ourselves from tendencies to sway one way or another, then we would set foot on a path more optimally directed at the truth.

I thus wish us all strength to rise above our divisions and differences, and to observe our circumstances from aside, as much as it is possible. If we develop mutual support in order to view our lives from a neutral viewpoint above our emotions, we will then be able to energize our lives with a renewed sense of hope. A new and more unified perspective would open up to us, and we would see our common goal of greater unification above hatred and division as worthwhile for us all to reach.

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