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The Art of Transforming Your Ego

There’s a Very Dangerous Paradox Affecting Humanity Today

Today humanity finds itself in a very dangerous paradox. On one hand, we evolved into a globally interconnected and interdependent network with each other, with unbreakable ties; on the other hand, we cannot hide our distrust and hatred towards each other. Basically, every notable country is armed to its neck with weapons of mass destruction.

But, it is not by chance that we have come to a point where we are holding “atom bombs” behind our backs. It is with good reason that our lives are filled with cruelty, wickedness, and frustration. This is all happening so we will understand that we have no other choice but to completely shift our relations to the other extreme.

In the middle—between the love and the hate—is the crisis signaling that if we don’t turn the hatred into love and build genuine trust in one another, we won’t be able to survive on earth. Beyond the financial crises, the atom bombs, and all the other inventions, we need to see that we are living in a closed, circular, and connected system. It is already so whether we like it or not, but the present system is loaded with arms and hatred. Thus, we have no choice but to transform ourselves. The crisis is showing us that within a connected system, we must turn hatred into love, or we will come to a state where we will have nothing to eat.


What You Don’t Know About Being Connected With Others Can Hurt You

These are not problems we can ignore, as we might with education. The economic crisis is going to touch us “in the flesh.” Many people are already unable to provide themselves or their families with the basic needs of life. And when a country stops assisting its citizens, people take to the streets.

Mutual inconsideration will lead to a state where no country can cope with its problems, even if it is as rich as Germany. Even if there are warehouses packed with gold in the country’s treasury, they won’t be able to provide decent living conditions to people because of our inconsideration toward each other. Even today, half the world is practically starving while the other half is throwing away enough food to provide for every needy person in the world, with surplus. This is why we must learn to love each other; otherwise, we simply won’t survive.

Why do we have to live in such a world? Why do terrorism, wars, waste of energy, and pollution exist? Are they not all because of our inconsideration toward each other?

We must learn what it means to be considerate and begin building systems that are similar in their goal of establishing a more balanced standard of living. Without establishing relations of love among us, we will not succeed in anything. We must achieve complete consideration of each other, understanding each other’s needs and seeking to fulfill them. Otherwise, life on earth as we know it will end.


Nature Is Demanding You to Change (Find Out How!)

If the “Law of Love” is man’s general law, how can we implement it? We must set up all the desires within us—however many—in such a way that we do not use them for ourselves, but rather for others. Each of us must be connected with the rest of the world. It does not mean that each of us must know every person in the world, but that each of us will feel that we are all together, that we care for others as we care for ourselves.

How can we change our egoistic nature so drastically? We are living in a special era. Never—in every circumstance, internal and external—has Nature or our own development demanded us to change. We’ve always gone along with the developing ego, exploiting the world to the best of our abilities. Now, for the first time, we must tend to ourselves and provide ourselves with global and integral education that will lead us to becoming considerate of others, to being like good kids in kindergarten. Without such an attitude, our big “blue marble” will no longer exist.

If we ask sociologists and psychologists, they will say that the proper framework for such an educational process is a group. Therefore, we should set up groups where we can hold discussions, trainings, activities, and exercises by which we will discover the benefits of being together; by which we see how much we gain by having considerate people around, and how many beautiful and enjoyable things we can do when we work in collaboration and mutual support.


Are You Ready to Learn How to Have a Happy Life Full of Love?

As we evolved over the course of time, we began to engage in commerce, industry, and science on behalf of egoistic desires for money, power, and knowledge. But, if we reeducate ourselves and base our growth on mutual consideration and connection—and not egoism, we will be freed from problems and concerns for our provisions; we’ll be able to establish a new industry. This time, however, it will be a very different kind of industry—not one based on technology, but on the heart. This industry of the heart will “sell” the new “spiritual technology.”

Until today, we’ve been developing technology through the ego, which has prompted us to develop. If we tend to our internal development, we will develop a new world, an internal one that is full of emotions, insights, thoughts, new developments, and discernments. These will appear within those good relationships between us. When that happens we won’t need the Internet or the communication lines we use today. We will connect to one another emotionally.

As soon as we include the awareness of our interconnectedness in our already existing ties, we will free ourselves up to experience a very special development, a qualitative one. We will begin to feel one another as a mother feels her beloved child.

In that state, it will be as though everyone were emotionally mingled with everyone else. We will begin to feel what is happening within other people, and they will feel what is happening within us. Thus, we’ll arrive at mutual consideration as well as comprehensive and integral connection among us. We will begin to feel what Jane Goodall and many others mean when they say that love is the general law of reality, that love is what exists in Nature.

Sociologists and psychologists explain that through exercises in small groups, we can achieve such profound developments that we will truly feel the inherent forces existing within each of us. By so doing, we will feel the comprehensive love that exists in Nature.

If we improve our relations, we will certainly reach more than a successful common market. We will find success in every realm of life, a happy life.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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