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April Fool’s Day

Truth is in the disclosed lie. Manipulation and exploitation lurk in the concealed lie.

If in the past, external behavior differed from internal behavior, today we find ourselves acting more directly and to the point. We will tell the truth to another person’s face, directly, sharply, honestly, even rudely, and this behavior is much closer to the raw egoistic nature underlying our every motive.

The world has matured and can no longer tolerate phoniness. Political correctness, proper etiquette and gentlemanliness, which aim at presenting a respectful outer covering to our true intentions, have become old-fashioned. They have become the laughingstock of comedies, and the reason diplomats attend a lot less formal events than in the past. Diplomats have themselves become a lot more open, aggressive and shameless in their demeanor. In terms of the media, fake news has also helped surface a widespread nausea with being lied to and taken advantage of.

Today’s disclosure of lies is a sign that the world is shedding its skin. We are developing toward a more fundamental and realistic self-examination, that we are all under the control of a purely egoistic nature. The ego stimulates each one of us to engage in our self-aimed enjoyment, without considering others. Therefore, a truth-seeking individual is one who gains awareness of the lies that navigate his or her self-oriented goals at the expense of others.

However, after we discover that we are naturally great liars, how can this then help us form new and improved relationships? It can help us by clarifying the flawed place in our current relations that we have to correct. Then, we will be able to learn how to improve our corrupt connections and re-establish them as more sublime connections, ones that are supportive, considerate, qualitative and balanced with nature’s integral laws.


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