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5 Tips for Reading the Book of Zohar

The Book of Zohar is a gateway to the causal level of reality, which is initially hidden from our perception. However, we need the right preparation in order to read The Zohar correctly.

So here are five rules to help you prepare for the great journey of discovery into The Zohar.

Rule #1: Do not seek intellectual knowledge

The Zohar is studied with the “heart,” that is, through your desire. Rather than mental processing of data, we have to develop a different approach: finding what needs to be tuned within us so as to perceive the hidden layer of reality.

Success depends only on how much we crave to discover and feel this reality. There is no need for prior knowledge, talent or wisdom. Only increasing the focus on your genuine desire to discover the meaning and purpose of life.

Rule #2: Interpret the words correctly

The Book of Zohar uses coded words and terms that may seem familiar to us from the physical world, such as: sea, mountains, trees, flowers, animals, people etc. It is critical to understand that all of the details, figures and events mentioned in the book do not speak of the external world around us, but only what is happening within us.
So when you read the Zohar, try to see the text as a bridge leading to your deepest desires and qualities.

Rule #3: Aim for the light

You may have heard that there’s a unique “light” that shines on a person when reading The Zohar. And that’s true. However, this isn’t some mystical or imaginary power.

The Zohar describes the higher states of perception attained by its authors. Yet, those states exist within every person in potential. So when you read about those higher states and attune your desire to attain them, those advanced states as if shine on your desire, making you more receptive to them. This is called “aiming for the light that reforms.”

Rule #4: Persist like a baby

When you study The Zohar correctly you begin to experience ascents and descents with regards to the intent with which you approach the book. It’s as if you tune in and out of the right frequency.

When that happens, remember that we are like babies with regards to the spiritual perception of reality, taking our first steps into it. Therefore, it’s only natural that we fall and rise up again until we can walk on our own.

Rule #5: Connect to your fellowmen

The Book of Zohar was written by a group of ten Kabbalists who connected their desires to sense nature’s governing force of connection between them, that is, the Creator. It was only the unity and connection between them that enabled them to perceive beyond the boundaries of the material world.

If we want to follow in their footsteps, we must try to build similar relations between us. The Zohar was born out of love, and its renewed discovery in our time will only be possible through love as well.

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