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Will severe food shortages affect the United States in the coming months?

As we develop without taking the meaning of our lives into consideration, then anything is possible. Why not? We need to understand that we cannot kid around with these things.

How is not considering the meaning of our lives connected with possible food shortages and other unfolding crises? It is because, without answering the question about the meaning of life, we have no idea how to behave toward one another.

If we were aware about the meaning of our lives, then we would know how to plan our lives. For instance, why do we spend so much money on the military and other useless things? We need to understand the system of life, and how to organize it as a whole so that it can optimally encompass everything.

Food shortages are just one symptom of the deeper problem, and these symptoms emerge in order to awaken us.

The heart of our problems today is human relations. We need to understand that we each host an innate egoistic desire that prioritizes self-benefit over benefiting others and nature, and until we take care of it, learning how to redirect it to enjoy primarily from benefiting others and nature, then we are headed into an abyss.

Based on the video “Will Severe Food Shortages Soon Affect the Western World?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash.

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