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Hebrew Language Day: An Opportunity to Learn About the Code of Love

We are fortunate to be living in a time when we can speak Hebrew freely. I only began to learn Hebrew when I moved to Lithuania in the early 1970s, while in transit on the way to Israel. Until then

Why is consumerism a bad thing?

Consumerism never fulfills us. On the contrary, we become emptier the more we run after materialistic pleasures, where each fulfillment we receive after each purchase soon after turns into emptiness. Our nature, the desire to enjoy—where we constantly seek to

The EU Is Dying, and It Should

The European Union was born in sin and will die in agony. It was forged in order to give Europe a competitive edge against the US and the strengthening China and Russia. It focused almost exclusively on creating a common

Into Truth Trailer – Cracking the Jewish Riddle

Even though public events will not be held this year due to the coronavirus, The Holocaust remembrance day is still the right time to ask ourselves what is the reason for the hatred of Jews throughout history? And is there a

The Jewish People Are About Quality, Not Quantity

The Jewish people are growing. A comprehensive study conducted by researchers at the Hebrew University and recently published by the Jewish Agency reveals that despite antisemitism and other threats, the Jewish population worldwide has increased from 15.1 million last year