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Peace — A Dream or a Dream Reality?

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Peace is not absence of war; it’s a dynamic balance between self-interest and the common good. Everyone thinks that peace is just a word, a fantasy of slightly “unhinged” individuals, or a required platitude of politicians during election campaigns and

No World Leader Calls the Shots; Only We Decide Our Future

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On Wednesday, September 9, the Times of Israel reported that Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that “Israel will not survive the next 25 years.” Just hours later, that same paper posted Israeli Prime Minister’s response to Khamenei’s statement: “‘Tyrant’ Khamenei is wrong, Israel is here

All You Need to Know about the Jewish High Holidays

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The Jewish festivals are more than food and family gatherings. They are both spiritually profound, and more relevant to our lives today than most people realize. The Jewish festivals are a trajectory of the nation’s destiny, a cardiogram of our

Time to Rethink Education

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There is a disconnect between the demands of life in Israel and the Israeli education system. As always, a new school year means new hopes, as well as new dreads. But these days, the dreads far outweigh the hopes. Our

We Ignited the BDS; Only We Can Put it Out

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These days, when alienation and hostility are taking over our society, it is no wonder that the BDS is winning. This week, strategic affairs minister, Gilad Erdan, is in London on a BDS-fighting mission. According to Minister Erdan, “Great Britain is

Is Israel Really Detrimental to the World?

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If we disperse, as Soros and his lot would like, the world will not know how to achieve peace, and human society will collapse into complete mayhem. In last week’s column, “Why are there anti-Israel Jews,” I wrote that like me, Jewish

Rosh Hashanah — the Beginning of Change

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This year, Rosh Hashanah could not come at a better time. With the American Jewish community being torn between support and rejection of the Iran deal, the growing rift between supporters and opposers of the policies of Israeli Prime Minister,

What the Reform Movement’s Statement About the Iran Deal Tells Us About Ourselves

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On August 19, the Reform Movement published its official Response to Iran Deal. It expressed a great deal of concern and uncertainty about the future, but it seemed intent on refraining from making any clear statements because “At this time, there

Why Are There Anti-Israel Jews?

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No other country must defend against its own people’s passion to destroy it. The world hates us because we hate each other. Let’s simply stop. When the State of Israel was established, shortly after the end of World War II,

Is Your Baby Restless? Give Her Cannabicetamol!

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana, was not invented in the 1960s. It’s been around for at least 10,000 years. It was just as widespread then as it is today, and for most of that time, it was legal. Cannabis has

A Letter to a Sufi Friend

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If I sometimes sound as though I am against Islam, or against this or that political stance, you should know that I am not. I am against any radicalization, as it separates us from each other. About two weeks ago,

A State of Emergency

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A year after the 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, the town is once again in turmoil. A lot has happened since Brown’s killing last year. Today’s America is not as it