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What is the spiritual significance of the Passover?

Passover signifies a transition from exiting the control of our corporeal, egoistic and divisive world, and entering the control of the spiritual, altruistic and harmoniously-connected world.

Such a transition requires the emergence and development of a spiritual desire. In other words, Passover relates to the spiritual process that any person can undergo, on condition that they develop their desire to give, love and positively connect with others above their egoistic drives.

The transition is marked by the exodus from Egypt, i.e., the exit from the human ego. The time in Egypt of the people of Israel (i.e. people who have a desire for spirituality, “Israel” from “Yashar Kel” [“straight to God”]) signifies a stage of growing egoistic desires that do not let the people of Israel unite.

Pharaoh signifies the ego’s control. He is ready and willing to supply for every egoistic fulfillment we could wish for. However, Moses, which marks the desire to connect above the ego, drives the people of Israel’s desire to discover the Creator, i.e., the quality of love and bestowal, in their connection. When we find that we cannot connect, we feel that we are in the darkness of Egypt. In that state, we become ready to do just about anything in order to free ourselves from the control of the ego. That state is the escape from Egypt.

In relation to a person on the spiritual path, it describes a stage where a person becomes ready to do anything just to break free from the ego, to rise above it and reach the Creator’s quality, i.e., love and bestowal. We throw ourselves into the sea, which parts, and we cross it, i.e., we cut ourselves off from the ego, and by doing so, by being above the ego, we become ready to work with it and transform it into altruism.

This is the exodus from Egypt that we celebrate at Passover

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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