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Why are so many people dying taking photographs and selfies?

They mostly fail to realize the risk in what they are doing at the time of the photograph or selfie.

Showing ourselves off to others in risky situations gives us very powerful feelings of being special and standing out among the crowd.

The fact that such deaths continue rising is testimony to the fact that the human ego constantly grows, and blinds more and more of us from considering the consequences of our actions.

When taking a risky photograph or selfie, we consider the triumph of the human ego: “Look at me! Look where I am!” The strength of this ego boost often outweighs the risk involved in making the photograph or selfie. We think about the virality of the photo, all the eyeballs, likes and shares that it will get—and it clouds the risk in the current moment. We end up paying for that moment with our life.

Such situations should lead us to the conclusion that we need seek a remedy for our overblown egoism. We correct our egoism by rising above it. Unfortunately, the method for rising above the ego is mostly unknown, so people have no such thoughts, and also fail to acquire any such abilities. As a result, suffering accumulates more and more in humanity.

Rising above the human ego means learning how to control it. We cannot and should not try to run away from or diminish the ego, but rather learn how to relate properly to it: to take it by the reins and guide it in a way that lets us release it slowly and in proportions that, at the very least, do not cause harm to ourselves or to others, and in addition, to benefit others. By doing so, we will reach the realization that the ego comes to help us rise above it. However, we require a method that guides this elevation, otherwise we will continue falling victim to the ego’s impulses.

Based on “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman” on October 11, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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