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Swim Together, or Sink Together

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A few weeks after the coronavirus started to spread throughout China, South Korea, and parts of Japan, much of Europe and North America derided them for panicking over a new strain of flu. A few weeks later, South America, Russia,

The Dreaded “Old Normal”

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“In this moment,” writes journalist Anne Helen Petersen on BuzzFeed “the primary tension in America is how, and when, life is going to ‘return to normal.’ But that ‘normal’ was an economy that … was built on a form of

Do heaven and hell really exist?

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Heaven, which in Hebrew is called “Gan Eden” (lit. “the Garden of Eden”), is the light of Hochma. The “garden” is Malchut, which is the last Sefira in the process of creation, made to receive the entire bounty of fulfillment that was created. Malchut filled

The Pandemic that Removed Humanity’s Mask

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If there is one visible element that epitomizes the drastic change in our lifestyles due to the pandemic, it is the massive use of masks. Our new, almost faceless society, opens up a whole new perspective on personal interactions, as

Why must the economy be reopened?

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Indeed, many countries, including those where new cases of the coronavirus are being regularly reported, have started reopening their economies. Why must the economy be reopened, especially considering that a cure for the virus has yet to be found? The

What is that one thing humanity can learn from the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

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The coronavirus has revealed humanity’s interconnectedness and interdependence. Accordingly, we would be wise to adjust to this revelation of our connectedness. As experts alert us to future pandemics and problems at global scales, we should hear this message of our

Where’s Our Free Will?

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What haven’t we tried? We’ve had emperors, czars, and kings galore. We’ve had despotism, communism, capitalism, Nazism, socialism, and liberalism. We’ve had monarchy, theocracy, autocracy, and democracy. We’ve had psychiatry, psychology, meditation, and Buddhism. And what did we get out

The Basis for a New Economy

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People’s pockets already face the impact of the biggest economic shake-up since the Great Depression. The distress is real and tangible and has brought about attempts for a speedy return to routine, back to what we have all known from

What is the spiritual lesson of the coronavirus?

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The spiritual lesson of the coronavirus is that in order to live optimal lives, we need to develop different kinds of relationships, ones based on acknowledging our tight interdependence. When we realize how much we depend on each other, we

Why Our Generation is “The Last Generation”

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Kabbalists divide generations according to the appearance of aspirations for the purpose of creation. In that sense, a new generation began when Abraham the patriarch appeared in ancient Babylon. He made a spiritual revolution and called on his countryfolk to

What should be mankind’s next step after the coronavirus debacle?

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Our future actions and dealings need to follow two main basic conditions: That they are essential to our lives, i.e. where life’s essentials are everything that makes our lives comfortable and qualitative. That they cause no harm to other people

Predators that Heal Their Prey, and What We Can Learn from Supermarkets

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With air pollution rising in China to levels that were “normal” in the pre-COVID days, and with countries all over the world celebrating the reopening of their economies, the hope for change that many had nurtured during the clean-air-clear-water lockdown