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How Purim Can Help Us Navigate Today’s Political Reality (3/12/2017)
Jews Must Unite to Defend the State of Israel (4/22/2016)
Being a Light Unto the Nations Is How to Fight Antisemitism at Oberlin and Elsewhere (3/08/2016)
Why Israel Can Never Truly Separate From the Palestinians (2/23/2016)
Jewish Unity Could Truly Help the World on Holocaust Remembrance Day (1/27/2016)
Why the World Blames Israel for ISIS and All Other Problems (1/4/2016)
Clearing up the Myths of Antisemitism (12/25/2015)
To Defeat ISIS, We Must Call Young People to a Greater Purpose (12/7/2015)
Despite the World’s Hatred, Jews Must Seek Internal Unity to Spread Light (11/18/2015)
Jewish Unity Is the Answer to Israel’s Troubles (10/29/2015)
As We Start a New Year, We Must Strive for Unity (9/18/2015)
Rosh Hashanah: The Beginning of Change (9/11/2015)
Hate Crimes in Israel Must Be Held to a Higher Standard (8/11/2015)
Unity is the Only Solution to Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism (7/26/2015)


Basic income should benefit mothers first (7/20/2018) 
The Future of Jobs: Working on Being Human (3/28/2018) 
Drones, Shopping, and the Purpose of Mankind (6/16/2017)


International Women’s Day 2018: Gender Equality from the Perspective of the Wisdom of Kabbalah (3/8/2018) 
Michael Laitman: Who’s Behind the Situation in Israel? (10/21/2015)
A State of Emergency (8/13/2015)
Speech on Anti-Semitism at the Council of Europe by European Union of Jewish Students President (1/27/2015)
What ISIS Offers Young Western Europeans, Which Europe Doesn’t (1/19/2015)
2015 – Can We Make it Different? (12/18/2014)

Breaking Israel News (BIN)

How Trump Can Reallocate the $200 Million Slashed Off Palestinian Aid (8/29/2018) 
Israel’s Existential Threats and the Nation-State Law (8/16/2018) 
Lessons from Hiroshima: From Weapons of Mass Destruction to a Weapon of Mass Connection (8/13/2018) 
Gaza Flare-Up: How To Turn Darkness to Light (7/16/2018) 
Between the Straits: Israel Complacent Amidst Earthquakes and Fire Kites (7/11/2018) 
Prominent Kabbalist Describes Near-Death Experience (6/28/2018) 
Will The Middle East Be Trump’s Next Peace Deal? (6/14/2018) 
What Does Hamas Really Want Us? (6/1/2018) 
Iran-Israel Clashes: Why the Enemies of Israel Give It No Respite (5/15/2018) 
The Greatest Role Natalie Portman and Other Jews in the Entertainment Industry Should Aspire To (4/29/2018) 
Why Kabbalists Are Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary (4/18/2018) 
The Passover from Materialism to Unity (3/29/2018) 
What Can Israel Do About Its ‘Brain Drain’ Problem (3/8/2018) 
The Purim Story Actually Explains the Solution for Social Division and Anti-Semitism (3/1/2018) 
Israel’s Hubris Comes With a Price (2/19/2018) 
What the Book of Zohar Says About the Polish Holocaust Law (2/7/2018) 
Kabbalist: I’m Bringing the Biggest Gift Ever to the Israel 70-Year Anniversary Party (1/30/2018) 
BIN Exclusive: Kabbalist Says Be Optimistic About AI-Powered Weapons Destroying Everything (1/19/2018)
Why Calling Lorde a ‘Bigot’ Won’t Earn Israel Any PR Points… and What Will (1/4/2018)
UNESCO Reflects Not the Nations’ Antisemitism, But Our Own Self-Hatred (7/26/2017)

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The Greatest Role Natalie Portman and Other Jews in the Entertainment Industry Should Aspire To (4/25/2018) 
April Fool’s Day (4/1/2018) 
Crisis Resolution (3/23/2018)
The Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened today in Jerusalem for the sixth time (3/21/2018)
Antisemitism in Europe (3/19/2018) 
Stephen Hawking (3/14/2018) 
Florida Shooting (2/15/2018) 
What Do We Love? (2/14/2018) 
Autonomous Cars (2/10/2018)
5 Tips for Reading the Book of Zohar (2/6/2018)
World Economic Forum – Davos 2018 (1/25/2018)
Why NET Neutrality Was Never Neutral in the First Place (12/28/2017)
Middle East Drought (12/25/2017) 
What’s Behind the UN Resolution Regarding Jerusalem? (12/22/2017) 
California Wildfires (12/9/2017)
Reaction to Trump’s Speech About Jerusalem (12/6/2017)
Rift Between Israel and US Jews (11/27/2017)
New York Attack (11/1/2017)
Shooting in Las Vegas (10/2/2017)
Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) (10/1/2017)
Baruch Ashlag (the “Rabash”) (9/25/2017)
Price Gouging in the Aftermath of Hurricanes (9/15/2017)
Strained Relations between North Korea and the United States (9/7/2017)
Rise of Anti-Semitism Following Neo-Nazi Riots in Charlottesville (8/29/2017)


Forget Paris – the Unsuspected Culprit Behind Global Warming (6/4/2017)
Survival in the Age of Willing Joblessness (6/1/2017)
What Our Ancestors Knew That We Don’t, and Why This Is Important Especially Today (5/28/2017)
It’s Time to Debunk Misconceptions About the Torah (5/24/2017)
A Few Words to the President (5/21/2017)
The Fundamental Flaw Behind the Cyber Attack (5/16/2017)
The Fire of Hatred, the Fire of Love (5/14/2017)
What This Means for Jews When Austria’s President Says All Women Will Wear Headscarves (5/4/2017)
Independence Means Independence From Mutual Hatred (4/30/2017)
What’s Next for France? (04/27/2017)
The Holocaust From Memory to Premonition (04/23/2017)
How Trump Can Drain the Swamp (4/18/2017)
Thirty-Five Centuries Later, It’s Still Pharaoh vs. Moses (4/9/2017)
Connection: Something New on the Seder Menu (4/5/2017)
Exodus—How We Became a Nation, and How We Stopped Being One (4/2/2017)
Our Own Worst Enemies (3/28/2017)
Good News! It’s OK to Talk about Anti-Semitism in America (3/19/2017)
Starving People Make the UN Fat (3/15/2017)
Shushan and Berlin—Differences and Similarities (3/12/2017)
A Farewell to US Politics (3/8/2017)
Humanity—Inevitably Selfish and Inevitably Anti-Semitic (3/5/2017)
Why Egoism Causes Anti-Semitism (3/1/2017)
Ruling Elite and Pseudo-Liberalism—an Explosive Combination (2/22/2017)
The Trump-Netanyahu Meeting and the Chance for Peace (2/17/2017)
The Dems Smear Campaign Can Put Us All in Trouble (2/15/2017)
Liberals, Republicans, and the Jews Between Them (2/12/2017)
The World vs. Donald J. Trump (2/7/2017)
Why Jewish Political Activism Leads to Anti-Semitism (2/3/2017)
Behind the Guise of Liberalism (1/31/2017)
Making Sense of the Holocaust Remembrance Day (1/26/2017)
Trump’s First Task—Conquering the Great Divide (1/24/2017)
Good Luck Donald, Because We All Need to Trump the Ego (1/20/2017)
The Truth About Fake News (1/17/2017)
Forget Opioids, Get High on Connection (1/12/2017)
Unity or Terrorism — We Call the Shots (1/10/2017)
When Robots Take Our Jobs (1/5/2017)
So Long 2016, Hello 2017? (1/3/2017)
Obama’s Legacy of Incompetence, and a New Hope Arising (12/29/2016)
Obama’s Hypocrisy Reveals the World’s Honest Opinion (12/27/2016)
Hanukkah, or Why We Celebrate a Civil War (12/22/2016)
The Real Reason Why Aleppo Matters (12/20/2016)
Theresa May’s Effort to Eradicate Anti-Semitism Needs Our Help (12/15/2016)
Free Money- It Can Save the World or It Can Ruin It (12/13/2016)
The History of Exploitation – and Why It Must End (12/8/2016)
Trump, Brexit, Terrorism, and the Hidden Link that Ties Them (12/6/2016)
New Economics Is Dead; Long Live New Economics (12/1/2016)
Can Coexistence Rise Out of the Cinders of Hate? (11/29/2016)
What Liberal Jews Can Learn From Henry Ford (11/24/2016)
Dear John (Doe): Reply to an Anonymous American (11/22/2016)
From Watchdogs Into Dogs—How the Media Became a Fraud (11/17/2016)
The Demise of Totalitarian Liberalism (11/15/2016)
We’ve Probably Been Spared, For Now…(11/10/2016)
Trump vs. Clinton—Two Worlds That Never Meet (11/6/2016)
The US Election: An Outsider’s Perspective (11/3/2016)
Killing Ourselves Softly (With Political Correctness) (11/1/2016)
The Israeli Public’s Blissful Ignorance May Cost Us Heavily (10/27/2016)
The Torah—Not What You Think It Is (10/25/2016)
The Decision at UNESCO—the Beginning of the End of the State of Israel (10/18/2016)
Beyond the Great Divide Between Israel and American Jewry (10/13/2016)
What Jonah Tells Us About Anti-Semitism (10/10/2016)
Absolute Truth Is Not Dead; It Never Existed! (10/6/2016)
Selichot (Forgiveness) and the Meaning of Life (9/29/2016)
Who Are You, People of Israel? (9/27/2016)
European Jews — Under Siege and Terrified (9/22/2016)
Merkel and Hollande Discover—the EU Is Dying (9/20/2016)
Peace — A Dream or a Dream Reality? (9/15/2016)

Huffington Post US

Istanbul Airport Attack: a Reflection of Our Thirst for Blood (7/2/2017)
The futility of politics (and how we can really make things better)  (5/27/2017)
What Should Israel Hope For after the US Elections? Not Much (4/14/2017)
The Panama Papers: A Testament to an Imperative Transformation (4/6/2017)
On Consumerism, Terror, and Human Nature (3/29/2017)
Why Are There Jewish Anti-Zionists? (3/22/2017)
Vicki Kirby and the Futile Chase of Anti-Semites (3/17/2017)
The Wailing Wall Wails (Over Our Separation) (3/5/2017)
The (Impossible) Plan for Separation from the Palestinians (2/25/2017)
Head Of Conference Of Presidents Hit The Nail On The Head, But It’s Yet To Sink In (2/22/2017)
How Trump Can Tweet His Way Towards American Stability (2/15/2017)
Liberals, Republicans, and the Jews Between Them (2/13/2017)
Unsettling “Liberal” Behavior Calls for a New Socio-Political Order (2/10/2017)
Why Jewish Political Activism Leads To Anti-Semitism (2/07/2017)
Making Sense of the Holocaust Remembrance Day (1/31/2017)
The Real Wall Trump Needs To Break Down (1/27/2017)
What The Resistance To Trump’s Inauguration Reveals About Us (1/24/2017)
From Words to Genocide — UNESCO Probes the Power of Anti-Semitic Propaganda (1/24/2017)
Why Jews Have No Future in Europe (1/21/2017)
Jews Have No Future in France (1/15/2017)
Cologne Sexual Assaults: A Wakeup Call to Europe (1/15/2017)
So Long 2016, Hello 2017? (1/13/2017)
When Robots Take Our Jobs (1/12/2017)
10 Things We Must Know about Anti-Semitism—If We Want It Stopped (12/23/2016)
The Real Reason Why Aleppo Matters (12/23/2016)
Theresa May’s Effort To Eradicate Anti-Semitism Needs Our Help (12/20/2016)
Free Money- It Can Save the World or It Can Ruin It (12/19/2016)
Trump, Brexit, Terrorism, And The Hidden Link That Ties Them (12/15/2016)
New Economics Is Dead; Long Live New Economics (12/5/2016)
When We Are United, ISIS Is Frightened! (12/5/2016)
What Motivates a 14-Year-Old Girl to Stab? (11/26/2016)
Unity At Last? (11/25/2016)
The War on Terror Will Not Be Won with Weapons; It Will Be Won with Spirit (11/15/2016)
Boycott on Israel — What, and Who Can Change This? (11/14/2016)
Israel: Making Sense of a Senseless Situation (10/29/2016)
Who’s Behind the Situation in Israel? (10/20/2016)
Winning a Spiritual War Takes Spirit (10/15/2016)
Mahmoud Abbas Adds to Israel’s Isolation — Where and When Will It End? (10/7/2016)
Between Abbas’ Bombshell and Palestinian Firebombs (9/20/2016)
The Secret to a Happy Year This Yom Kippur (9/17/2016)
No World Leader Calls the Shots; Only We Decide Our Future (9/15/2016)
All You Need to Know about the Jewish High Holidays (9/10/2016)
Rosh Hashanah — the Beginning of Change (8/28/2016)
What the Reform Movement’s Statement About the Iran Deal Tells Us About Ourselves (8/25/2016)
Is Your Baby Restless? Give Her Cannabicetamol! (8/19/2016)
A State of Emergency (8/12/2016)
Hate Crimes in Israel (8/10/2016)
Positive Impressions From the Tour (8/2/2016)
Monday Night in Queens — a Step in the Right Direction (7/21/2016)
Who Are You, People of Israel? (7/19/2016)
Don’t Just Oppose ISIS Recruits, Propose Meaningful Alternatives (7/13/2016)
Between Two Flags (7/7/2016)
The Bell Tolls for Us (7/6/2016)
Rise and Shine (7/1/2016)
We Cannot Destroy ISIS, So We Should Build Ourselves (6/29/2016)
The Impact of the Jewish People on Humanity, as Traced by Scholars Throughout Time (5/27/2016)
Wisdom From Abraham’s Tent That We Can Apply in the 21st Century (5/26/2016)
Commemorating Professor Wistrich: A Jewish Scholar Concerned With the Bigger Picture (5/21/2016)
Highlights from the 2015 Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (5/18/2016)
The World Will Not Get Better (By Itself) (5/17/2016)
Color Is Just Another Reason to Hate (5/9/2016)
From Ferguson, to Baltimore, to…? (6/29/2015)
“Killing Jews Is Worship” — the Anti-Muslim Anti-Jewish Ad (5/1/5015)
Some Thoughts about Freedom and Happiness (4/24/2015)
How Have the Jewish People Survived? (4/15/2015)
What (Only) the Jews Can Do to Prevent the Next Holocaust (4/14/2015)
Holocaust Remembrance Day—Remember the Dead, Preserve the Living (4/08/2015)
A Letter to Michael Douglas Following His Son’s Anti-Semitic Experience (4/03/2015)
Moses — the Perfect, Unwilling, Unlikely Leader (4/01/2015)
The Likud, the Zionist Union, and the (Israeli) President (3/24/2015)
Are You Spring Cleaning or Passover Cleaning? (3/24/2015)
Meet the Purim Cast to Understand What’s Happening in Our World Today (Best Screenplay Award Goes to God) (3/04/2015)
The Simple (and Unwelcome) Solution to Anti-Semitism (2/26/2015)
Paris, Copenhagen, and Once Again, All Eyes Are On the Jews (2/18/2015)

Huffington Post UK

The Story Of Purim Can Help Us Navigate Today’s Political Reality (3/13/2017)
The (Real) Goal Behind the World Economic Forum in Davos (1/23/2017)
Joy Karega and the Fallacy of Freedom of Speech (3/13/2016)
The Good People No One Wants to Know (3/14/2016)
If Possible, No Jews, Thank You! (4/12/2015)
Netanyahu’s Congress Speech, and What It Shows about Us (4/12/2015)

Jewish Boston

A Review of Anti-Semitism in America (9/4/2018) 
Passover: A Story of Hebrews Who Wanted to Be Egyptians (4/3/2018) 
How the Purim Story Is Happening Right Now (3/1/2018)

Jerusalem Post

Why Do We Construct Theories and Philosophies about What Happens After We Die? (6/21/2018) 
Why a Death Penalty for Terrorists Won’t Solve Terrorism… and What Will (1/10/2018) 
Israel Must Be the Beacon of Peace the World Awaits (12/18/2017) 
Think the war at Hanukkah was between Jews and Greeks? It was between Jews and Jews (12/12/2017) 
The Secret to a Happy Year (9/28/2017)
Rosh Hashana is an Opportunity for Change
Is It Too Late for American Jewry?
When a Debate Turns into Hate, We Are Sealing Our Fate (8/2/2017)
Who is the Sovereign on Temple Mount? (7/26/2017)
American Jewry — On the Path to Self-Destruction (7/19/2017)
UNESCO Reflects Not the Nations’ Antisemitism, but Our Own Self-Hatred (7/13/2017)
When Chicago Dyke March Bans a Jewish Pride Flag, Jews Should Feel Unsafe (7/5/2017)
The Grenfell Tower Fire: How a Tragic Accident Became a Blood Libel (6/28/2017)
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The Demise of the Great Retailers (6/10/2017)
The Pillars of Consumerism Are Crumbling (6/8/2017)
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Trump Must Initiate Next Stage of ‘America First’ Policy (4/13/2017)
Passover – A Story of Hebrew Who Wanted to be Egyptians (4/6/2017)
Exodus – The Secret of Our Nationhood (4/4/2017)
Jewish Self-Hatred Is the Leaven We Must Clear Out (3/30/2017)
The Happiness We (Wish We Could) Have (3/23/2017)
UN Turns Starvation Into a Cash Cow (3/16/2017)
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Can There be Nazism in America? (3/2/2017)
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American Society Headed Toward a Breaking Point (2/23/2017)
Come and Join the Unity (2/16/2017)
Donald Trump vs “Liberalism,” Round 1 (2/9/2017)
Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, or How Jews Invoke Antisemitism (2/6/2017)
The True Face of Liberalism (2/2/2017)
The Memory of the Holocaust is no Excuse for Inaction (1/26/2017)
Fake News and the Truth About Human Nature (1/19/2017)
Our Self-Deception of Happiness (1/12/2017)
Why the World Depends on Jewish Education in 2017 (1/5/2017)
Israel’s Best Response to the UN Resolution (12/29/2016)
Is America Without Hope? (12/22/2016)
Why Universal Basic Income Can’t Work on Its Own (12/15/2016)
Comment: How Trump Can Save American Democracy (12/8/2016)
The End of Liberalism as We Know It (12/1/2016)
Trump’s America Can Be Good for Jews (11/24/2016)
The Return of Sane Capitalism? (11/17/2016)
What Jews Must Learn from Trump’s Victory (11/12/2016)
Beyond Trump and Clinton (11/10/2016)
A Bird’s Eye View of the US Elections (11/6/2016)
The Balfour Declaration: His Majesty’s Gift Was Also a Demand (11/3/2016)
Why We Are Happy on Simchat Torah (10/23/2016)
UNESCO’S Absurd Decision Reflects the World’s Honest Opinion (10/18/2016)
What Jonah Tells Us About Antisemitism (10/11/2016)
Why Tishrei Means a New Life (10/6/2016)
The Year of Change (9/29/2016)
Institutionalized Antisemitism at UC Berkrley — Facts and Details (9/22/2016)
New Course at Berkeley University: How to Get Rid of Israel – CANCELLED (9/16/2016)
We Ignited the BDS; Only We Can Put it Out (9/8/2016)
Time to Rethink Education (9/5/2016)
Is Israel Really Detrimental to the World? (9/1/2016)
Why Are There Anti-Israel Jews? (8/25/2016)
A Letter to a Sufi Friend (8/18/2016)
We Mourn the Ruin of the Temple, but We Extol its Cause (8/11/2016)
We Have to Check the World into the Nearest Repair Shop (8/4/2016)
Breaking Out from the Straits (7/28/2016)
An Analysis of Europe’s Security Troubles from the Perspective of Kabbalah (7/21/2016)
Beyond Black and White in America (7/14/2016)
Opinion: Is America Heading Toward a Clash of Civilizations? (7/7/2016)
Brexit — Britain Did Itself and the World a Favor (6/30/2016)
Understanding the Piece Process (6/23/2016)
Hitler’s Mein Kampf (My Struggle) May Soon Become Our Struggle (6/16/2016)
We Were Given the Torah, But Have We Received It? (6/9/2016)
Comment: Why Bernie Sanders Hates Israel (6/2/2016)
The Futility of Politics (and How We Can Really Make Things Better) (5/26/2016)
Fascism is Looming Over the US — And It’s Bad News for the Jews (5/19/2016)
The Secret to Israel’s Independence (5/12/2016)
The 2nd Holocaust — How We Can Prevent It (5/5/2016)
Post Passover — The Birth of a Nation (4/28/2016)
Passover — A Chance to Pass Over (4/21/2016)

Jewish Business News 

Michael Laitman: Chicago Dyke March’s Rude Awakening For Progressive Jews (7/6/2017)
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Éxodo: el secreto de nuestra nación
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Wie jüdischer politischer Aktivismus zu Antisemitismus führt
Der Weg vom Liberalismus zur Tyrannei
Hinter der Maske des Liberalismus

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La felicità che vorremmo avere è quella che in realtà abbiamo già
Israele è il paese che tutti amano, così tanto da volersene andare
Una pandemia a livello mondiale. Perché l’egoismo porta all’antisemitismo
Élite al potere e pseudo liberalismo. Una combinazione esplosiva
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Merkel et Hollande découvrent que l’Union européenne est mourante
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