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A Month into the War

A month into the war in Ukraine, it is clear that no one is happy with the results. Russia did not achieve the crushing victory it expected to achieve, Ukraine is tormented under constant shelling of civilians and utilities, and the sanctions against Russia are bound to take their toll soon and hamper its economy.

Despite the disappointment, Russia is still a formidable force, even if only thanks to its vast arsenal of unconventional weapons: biological, chemical, and nuclear. We cannot attribute Ukraine’s success in denying Russia a victory to its army, since there has been relatively very little contact between the two armies. There is a deeper cause behind the stalemate in Ukraine: War goes against connection, and all of reality is going toward it. So when you act against connection, you are pushing against all of reality. This cannot succeed, certainly not for long.

Especially today, when the world has become one village, any movement that contradicts this mindset is bound to fail. Our nature may not like the idea that we are all connected and dependent on each other, but this is the reality, and its trajectory is toward more interconnection, not less. Therefore, if you swim upstream, against the flow of reality, you are certain to exhaust your strength and drown or turn back.

If the war escalates toward use of unconventional weapons, the consequences will be catastrophic. Notwithstanding, it will not change the final outcome.

Alternatively, the war may continue sporadically, with shelling here and there, but without a clear direction. The residents will suffer, no one will surrender, and no one will win, but there will be no ceasefire.

Eventually, reason will prevail and the parties will part ways and begin to rebuild their relationship. The only question is how long it will take and what will be the cost.

I pray that the misery we are witnessing these days will teach the world just how necessary it is for us to work in reciprocity, in positive communication, and to establish good connections. Only when people are connected will they enjoy living in our world. I hope and pray that we all acknowledge it sooner rather than later.

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A view of destruction of the city of besieged Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine on Saturday March 26, 2022.

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