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From Kabul to Istanbul

The suicide bomber who killed 170 people, including 13 American service men, was not a lone attacker. He was part of the Afghanistan chapter of ISIS, known as ISIS K. Waves of terror intensify and subside, but they never really stop. Now that extremists in Afghanistan have gained control over sophisticated American weapons, including fighter jets and other weapons that can wreak havoc, we can expect matters to grow far worse. From Kabul to Istanbul, into Russia and into Europe, the green color of the caliphate is spreading.

Terrorism is not a “gig.” It is a well-paying career to be a terrorist, and it is paid for by powerful countries, powerful organizations, and powerful individuals. Terrorist organizations are growing increasingly better equipped, and it is quite possible that they will come to possess nuclear power. If they do, they will not hesitate to use it. For them, dying for the cause is not a dread but a dream come true.

Humanity is helpless in the face of such threats because in fact, there is no humanity—a cohesive body of nations. There are nations and organizations fighting one another for dominance. In this struggle, anything goes, no holds barred. Potentially, humanity could obliterate the threat of terrorism. Practically, no one wants to rise to the challenge.

The Taliban, armed with rifles, grenade-launchers, and the Quran, have just proven that on their own land, they can defeat the US, France, and the UK combined. Soon they will be swarming into Europe, Russia, and the US.

For Israel, though not only for Israel, I am sure this is bad news. The Taliban, and their Islamist allies, will not stay put. Their plan is to paint the world green. Not the green of trees, but the color of Islam. They are not moderate Islamists; they want everything.

They will set up “bridgeheads” in key locations around the world and use them as bases for expansion. In the Middle-East, it could be Lebanon or Syria, certainly Gaza, and even certain spots within Israel.

However, they do not plan to remain in the Middle-East. The goal of radical Islam is to set them up all over the world, in places such as South America, Africa, and even close to the US, such as in Cuba. The specific location is of little significance; what should worry us is their intention and determination to become the world’s rulers, and to convert all of humanity to Islam.

We are at the doorstep of a new era. Things we thought we knew are no longer true, and new players are coming in. There will be many struggles, and the only way to prevent an all-out meltdown of humanity is unity.

This is where Israel will have to play its role. The only way to mitigate the turbulent era we are heading for is through unity. When it comes to unity, Israel must lead the way. Currently, Israel is the world’s leader in division, with the country being torn by subcultures that cannot stand each other.

Additionally, the division between Israel and the Jewish diaspora has become so deep that it seems as though the people who think of themselves as Jews within Israel and those who regard themselves as Jews abroad are not the same nation.

Moreover, world Jewry is also more divided than ever, splintered into myriad denominations and worldviews. In short, just as humanity is not a cohesive body of nations, Judaism is not a cohesive body of people. And without covering divisions with an overarching unity, there is no Judaism.

Since the Jews must lead the way toward unity, the more humanity becomes splintered, the more it will pressure the Jews. The wars that will engulf humanity in the coming years are not wars one can win. They are wars whose goal is to demonstrate that the only solution is unity above all the differences.

Therefore, the future will see humanity declining into increasingly violent conflicts and increasingly divided societies. At that time, Jew-hatred will grow until Jews come together and set an example of unity. As a result, wars around the world subside and lasting peace will prevail. What remains to be seen is the toll we will have to pay until that happens.

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A Taliban fighter holding an M16 assault rifle stands outside the Interior Ministry in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 16, 2021.REUTERS/Stringer

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