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Why We Hate

In all of nature, there is not an iota of hate, except in people. Animals don’t hate one another; it is a uniquely human vice. But there is a profound reason that only humans hate each other, and do so with such passion. Envy and pursuit of power and respect grow within us all the time. We are becoming increasingly unforgiving.

In the past, you could see children playing together and enjoy each other’s company. Today, they play their game consoles, which pit them against each other, and all they care about is winning.

If you compare cats from two centuries ago with cats that live today, you will not find that they have grown more vicious. But if you compare people who lived two centuries ago to our own generation, you will find that we are far more self-centered, entitled, careless, and generally far worse people than our great grandparents. From generation to generation, we are becoming more bellicose, hurtful, and more sophisticated in our malice.

But there is a good reason for the apparent perpetual decline. We are the only species in decline since only we are destined to make a conscious correction to our nature. The reason for the spike in the levels of hatred in recent years, and particularly in the last few months, is that the hatred must become so fierce that it will force us to seek a way to mend it.
The more hatred increases, the more we will realize that we cannot overcome it by ourselves, yet we must overcome it or it will extinguish civilization. This, in turn, will drive us, even if against our will, to work on healing it together. And this compulsory cooperation against an enemy that dwells in each of us will foster in us love for one another. Were it not for the intensity of hatred, there would not be necessity to love. Were it not for our defeat in battling hatred alone, we would not turn to one another.

The hatred we feel will never vanish. If it did, so would our need to love. It is precisely the growing hatred that makes us increase the love. As we advance on “two legs,” hatred and love, we march toward knowing the depths of human emotions, how we can overcome conflicts, reign in anger and hate, and in the process, learn the depths of human nature.
Only if we understand the role and significance of hate will we be able to truly love. And when we do, we will see that all of us, all colors, races, faiths, and cultures were created hateful, but only so as to turn the hatred into love of our own volition.

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