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Would a new government mean a profound shift for Israel?

A profound shift for Israel would mean remedying the tensions and divisions in Israeli society, which have been getting out of hand recently, and I doubt that the new government is capable of impacting such a shift.

The new government is an assemblage of politicians who each pull in their own direction, and who are unwilling to make the necessary concessions for the sake of uniting Israeli society. They have formed their current bond against a common foe. After they get their way for now, we can expect them to each soon return to pursuing their individual interests instead of setting them aside in favor of unity.

However, while the new government cannot be expected to bring about a profound shift for Israel, we would be wise to view Israel’s current turbulence as a timely situation that can serve to change our outlook on Israel and its future.

We, the people of Israel, have but a single virtue on which our success or failure depends. It is our unity. If we calibrate ourselves to unite above our divisions and tensions, then we set foot on a positive path of development. By aiming at positively connecting to each other above our deepening rifts, we awaken the support of a positive unifying force dwelling in nature to hold that unity together. Without any unifying inclination among each other, then we also get no support for unity, and our ties then loosen and break.

Moreover, our path to unity is not contingent on the government and politics, and should not be viewed as such. Rather, unity should emerge from the people. It requires recognizing the basis for our divisions: that our very nature is egoistic, i.e. we each seek to benefit ourselves at the expense of others, and instead of letting this ego lead us into conflicts and other outbursts, we would be wise to look deeper into why we always encounter crises, and why we never seem to overcome our divisions.

Also, if we haven’t already, then we need to wake up to the world’s attitude toward us. On one hand, we supply the world with much innovation by way of technology, medicine and science. But on the other hand, the attitude toward us becomes increasingly negative and hateful. The more divided we become, the more the world frowns upon us, and it is not far-fetched to think that it could lead to our isolation.

The gray clouds forming over us are in order to make us realize that we will have no other option but to unite. Any motion we make in the direction of our unity, even if it is a single thought of our need to unite, will act positively toward such an end. While negative emotions are ablaze toward us and between us, we should view this situation as the chance of a lifetime: that times of change are upon us, and if we want that change to be positive, we should take the initiative to start implementing relations of unity above division using the method of connection that was made for uniting us and leading us to a harmonious existence.

Based on a meeting with a team of writers and Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on June 3, 2021. Written/edited by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Rafael Nir on Unsplash

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