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Who is at wrong, and right, about the Israel- Palestine conflict? Is it much more complex?

The solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict lies in the hands of the people of Israel.

In order to understand how the people of Israel hold the solution to this ongoing conflict, we need to understand their role, and the feedback they receive according to the realization—or lack of realization—of their role.

The roots of the people of Israel can be traced back some 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon when people from different parts of Babylon gathered under Abraham’s guidance. Abraham led them to attain a special unified state, according to the tenet, “Love your friend as yourself.” In other words, the roots of the Jewish people are ideological, not biological, and thus, unlike other nations, there is always a question mark lingering over this people.

Ancient Babylon characterized a society that was being torn apart by an overblown ego, and those who gathered around Abraham felt a certain need to rise above the social divisions of the time. When they united to realize relations of mutual love among each other, they acquired the name “the people of Israel,” where “Israel” comes from two words, “Yashar Kel” (“straight to God”), which means that the principle characteristic of this group was their inclination to aim themselves directly at the positive force of love and giving dwelling in nature, and through the increasingly unified states that they achieved, they revealed that force in their connections.

Since the people of Israel once attained a level of unity above the growing ego of ancient Babylon, and did so again later under Moses’ guidance, there remains a subconscious expectation from the nations of the world toward Israel that they once again unite in mutual love among each other, and by doing so, act as a positive unifying conduit that serves to spread unification to humanity at large. The more people feel united with threads of love dwelling in their connections, the happier, safer, more confident and healthier they feel. On the contrary, the more divided and hateful people are of each other, the more they feel crises filling their lives on varying degrees—personally, socially, economically and ecologically—and when suffering rises in humanity, hatred of the people of Israel also rises, since there is a subconscious dependence on this people, that humanity’s happiness or pain depends on Israel.

As such, Palestinians are one of several nations eyeing Israel negatively. In response to the growing hatred against Israel, the people of Israel need to reawaken their long-neglected unifying ability.

First, we need to relate to the deeper reason behind the world’s hatred toward Israel: that the multifaceted crisis humanity is experiencing can be solved via an upgrade to more unified human relations above people’s growing divisive drives. They subconsciously expect the people of Israel to unite above their own divisions, first and foremost, like they once did, in order to become a conduit for unity to spread worldwide, i.e., to become “a light unto the nations.”

We also need to acknowledge the problem that neither Jews nor non-Jews are aware of this deeper cause behind their pains since it is an ideological foundation that was lost around 3,800 years ago, and in an era marked by increasing division and hatred in our sensation, we have no clue how to unite positively.

Since we lack any feeling or experience of the kind of unity that our ancestors once attained, then we feel no lack for unity like we feel no lack for a sixth finger on our hand. We simply fail to see that if we unite, we will solve not only the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but our unity will have a positive rippling effect throughout humanity, solving myriad other problems that appear to have no solution.

The people of Israel have no ears for this message. Those who understand it, Kabbalists, are very small in number, and so there is no solution in sight on any mass scale.

The solution is solely that the people of Israel listens to what the nations of the world want from them: to implement the unity that the nations of the world are crying out for behind all the surface anti-Israeli and antisemitic sentiment, crimes and threats.

We will then all find ourselves in a life of goodness and peace.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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