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What will be next after the coronavirus?

At some point, we will recover from the coronavirus. However, we can definitely expect another crisis to hit humanity soon afterward. Whether it will be another strand of the coronavirus, or another pandemic entirely, or some other crisis, the reason I am saying that we can expect more global-scale crises is because it is part and parcel of nature’s way of raising us.

When we understand how nature guides us to a defined goal, how nature reveals toward us on the way to that goal, and what we are required to change in order to balance with nature, then we can understand blows such as the Covid pandemic as essential parts of nature’s plan.

Nature sends us blows in waves, one at a time, because its goal toward us is to raise us to a higher degree of human development, one that is balanced with nature. It can be likened to loving parents who sometimes crack down on their children in order to teach them a lesson, and expect a certain change in the children’s attitude or behavior as a result. After inflicting a blow, nature usually gives us time to contemplate it and implement the change that it expects of us. The coronavirus is thus one blow in a series, and we can expect each successive blow to be harsher than its predecessors if we fail to step up to the change that nature expects of us.

Unique to the current pandemic is its global nature. It affects everyone around the world in a wide variety of ways, whether medically, economically, socially and/or psychologically, but all in all, nature sends us all a reminder that it is bigger than us, and moreover, that we are all interdependent.

By illuminating our global interdependence so clearly, we would be wise to think about how we should best relate to our interdependence—that we help, support and encourage each other, and consider others’ needs as preciously as we relate to our own. This is the lesson that nature wants to teach us, and if we fail to make a shift in our attitudes to each other so that we realize our interdependence more positively, then we can expect more and more global-scale crises to bring us to such a determination.

Similar to how cells in the human body operate in order to serve the whole body’s health above their own individual needs, likewise through global-scale crises, nature aims to show us that we are all parts of a single global system. We would thus be wise to start thinking of humanity as such, lovingly, with care, like how we think about anyone who is precious and important to us.

Key to this challenge is that we have nothing to do with our hands and legs—it all points to a change in our attitudes to each other. If we develop an atmosphere of mutual care and consideration that dwells among humanity, then we will see how such an attitude shift brings about myriad positive changes in our lives—from stopping further pandemics and other global-scale crises, to vast improvements of relations on personal and social scales, and their byproducts, which include more happiness and confidence, better health, and lives that become filled with meaning and abundance.

Based on the Writers Meeting with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and a writing team on June 8, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

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