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What is the root cause of antisemitism, and how do you fight antisemitism correctly?

Antisemitism stems from Jews having a special role in the world, which they are neither aware of nor do they carry it out.

That role is to positively connect “as one man with one heart,” i.e., to develop harmonious unified relations.

If the Jews developed their connections to unite above their differences, then antisemitism would subside and humanity’s attitude toward the Jews would shift to a positive one.

Until the Jews positively connect, people will feel increasing rejection and repulsion toward them. Developing positive connection among Jews depends on developing the “inner Jew” within, which means elevating the desire to connect in a good and kind way toward one another over egoistic desires to use and exploit each other for personal benefit.

This special quality and role that the Jews inherited stems from their foundation as a nation some 4,000 years ago, when Abraham gathered people from ancient Babylon who were willing to unite, since they felt the rampant social division of the time as a major problem that needed solving. Thus, they applied Abraham’s method, which led them to attain the lofty principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” By doing so, they became known as the “people of Israel” (“Israel” coming from the words “Yashar Kel” [“straight to God”], i.e., people with an intention to be as loving and giving as the force of love and bestowal itself). They later became known as “the Jews,” from the word for “unity” (“Yichud”). The uniqueness of this quality is that unlike other nations, the Jews had no natural biological root. Instead, they were a group of people from different nations who gathered based on a unifying ideology, and who worked on themselves in order to attain the quality of love for one’s fellow man.

People are thus either attracted to or repelled by Jews due to this unifying quality that dwells in them. If the Jews develop positive relations and friendships with one another above their differences, they will awaken that tendency to unite in the tectonic plates of human consciousness, and humanity will also find that it gains the strength to unite above its growing divisiveness. If not, then humanity will increasingly feel that the Jews are behind their problems, and antisemitism will continue rising as a force of nature that surfaces in order to awaken the Jews to re-discover their unifying role in the world.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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