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Is this pandemic ever going to end?

We are in a struggle with nature.

We are discordant with the laws of nature, which are fundamentally laws of interconnection and interdependence. At the base of these laws is a single force that develops everyone and everything to increasingly connected states.

We, however, disregard nature’s tendency to connect us.

We currently see no need to unite above our differences. There are absolutely no efforts to come together and build systems that would benefit humanity collectively: systems that would guide us to positively connect upon our divisive drives, and lead us to balance with nature.

Instead, we tear nature and human society apart, living in a constant struggle between different parts of human society and nature. Accordingly, by tearing nature to shreds, we receive negative feedback from it. This negative feedback takes the forms of natural calamities of all kinds, from earthquakes and tsunamis through to pandemics.

Such outbursts are due to our imbalance with nature. Instead of applying ourselves to come together and achieve a higher sense of complementarity and cooperation, we instead become increasingly disparate from one another.

The more we head in an opposite direction to the increasing interconnection and interdependence that nature guides us to, the more we will receive negative feedback from nature. Although it might seem like punishment, it is not punishment at all. Nature’s blows are rather forces that aim to awaken us to correct our inclination: to align ourselves to better connect with each other in order to become balanced with nature, and by doing so, feel ourselves enter a whole new peaceful and harmonious world.

Instead of using these blows effectively, as reminders and impetus to better connect, to become more balanced, and to build a more supportive and encouraging society, we continue our lives in the dark, with no motion to build systems of positive connection above the growing divisive drives. Likewise, we can expect to receive more and more negative feedback from nature until we wake up to the need to correct our flawed modus operandi.

In the past, we also encountered several atrocities, but we were less developed and didn’t feel them as feedback to our actions. However, in our times, we are increasingly receiving terrible blows—on the still, vegetative, animate and human levels—that will lead to a point where they will endanger our very existence on this planet.

I thus stated at the start of the coronavirus pandemic that it would not go away. On the contrary, the pandemic will worsen and possibly evolve into greater crises until we wake up and draw the right conclusions.

Based on “Writers Meeting” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and a team of writers on November 28, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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