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How can Israel change public opinion that they are committing Apartheid against Palestinians?

We, the people of Israel, need to construct ourselves according to what made us the people of Israel to begin with: that our connections to each other will be based on the tenet “Love your friend as yourself,” and that we would think, want and act accordingly, generating an atmosphere of mutual support among us.

If we choose to take this path, then we will attract certain forces to ourselves that would make it impossible for anyone to harm us, and which would also invert the growing negative public opinion against us into a positive one. That is, by realizing what made us the people of Israel to begin with, we realize our role in the world, become a conduit to attract positive forces to ourselves, pass those forces onward to humanity at large, and as such, we would see public opinion shift to a positive form.

We are all egoists, i.e. with a sole concern for ourselves alone. This ego, the prioritization of self-benefit over benefiting others, which develops to a desire to exploit others for personal gain, is the cause of the world’s increasing problems and crises. We, the people of Israel, were once granted access to a special wisdom that can connect us positively above our egos. In our current era, the ability and the wisdom to positively connect above our egos has started becoming a global necessity.

Therefore, the more we fail to implement this wisdom upon ourselves—the longer we take to implement positive connections above our egos—the more people around the world will suffer, the more they will subconsciously feel that we are to blame for their problems.

We can thus expect public opinion to grow increasingly negative against us until we wake up to the special wisdom and connection that we need to realize, which has the power to invert the amassing negativity against us into a positive, supportive and favorable opinion.

Based on the video “Israel’s Best Defense to the War of Public Opinion Against it Is Unity” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, Tal Mandelbaum Moshe and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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