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The world we live in

The world we live in is a vast, wondrous, and intricate system. Every part of it is connected to, and dependent upon, all the other parts. For many decades, this complexity was hidden from us. We’d see the world as a collection of elements not necessarily connected to each other, and certainly not as interdependent as we are now discovering.

Within the education systems, the perception of reality as separate elements divided into discrete topics is still the predominant paradigm. The new, integral view, relates to the world as an interconnected system. This perception is the basis of the Integral Education, and thus defines a new, integrated approach to teaching. In doing so, it ushers the students into an integrated perception of reality, aligning them with today’s integrated reality. In the integral education method, the student does not learn separate topics in a “linear” fashion. Rather, each topic is presented from the “circular” perspective, illustrating its connection to all the other topics.

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