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Relaciones Personales

While interdependence is rapidly becoming a fact of life, self-centeredness is still the predominant mindset in human society. Our way of thinking and our social values are still locked in the old, self-oriented paradigm. The collision between interdependence, on the one hand, and self-centeredness, on the other, churns our crises in every realm of human society.

Interaction among people is crucial and defining. However, at some point we stopped understanding each other correctly and became internally detached from one another. The result is that we are now incapable of finding common points of connection when we come to solve any type of problem, not to mention the highly complex issues we face today.

The following are some recent TV interviews about interpersonal relationships that explain how our most intimate relationship affects all other aspects of our life, and ultimately the entire world.

Understanding The New Connection between Us

We appear to have everything but desperation is all around us nowadays. How did we reach such a crisis and how can we fix it?

Man and the Environment

What tools can help us maintain good relations with our general environment and how powerful is the human warmth we express toward one another?

The Foundation of A Relationship

A new view of marriage: how important is trust, how to choose a spouse, and the power of a woman in her man’s development.

Building A Relationship

Why is it so hard for men to commit and why is it important for a woman to have only one intimate relationship?


Our good life is dependent on our relationships. How can we connect correctly with our partner, neighbors and colleagues when our ego is so against it?