Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

New Life – Program 34 – Inner Relations

The marital relationship is like a home laboratory where each person can learn about himself and his partner.  These techniques for a happy relationship can spread love to the entire world.

New Life – Program 35 – The Point of Connection between Partners

What are the stages to finding a point of connection between partners who want to develop and discover their inner connection?

New Life – Program 36 – Communication Brings Us Closer Together

To build a relationship, we need to be able to feel the other person. How can we develop this capability? Here are examples and exercises to try at home.

New Life – Program 37 – Preparation Is Everything

Couples interested in the workshop must do some preparation beforehand, which will provide a solid foundation for the success of the entire process.

New Life – Program 38 – The Path to the Point of Connection between Partners

What can be gained from mutual compromise and the principle love covers all transgressions? A desire to cling to one another.

New Life – Program 39 – Work Process for Partners Ready for Change

What is the scope of work for couples seeking to improve their lives and how does emotion develop from positive to negative within the complexity of the process?

New Life – Program 40 – The Secret Connection between Us

What is the secret to a good relationship? What is the path to mutual understanding, growth, and how can we acquire new sensors to feel our partner, other people and all of nature?

New Life – Program 41 – Means for Developing As a Human Being

How through mutual compromise on our ego, love and concern for others, is it possible to grow to a new level together?

New Life – Program 42 – The Magic of Connecting

The principles for building a connection between partners that provides mutual satisfaction, and how it can lead to infinite fulfillment.

New Life – Program 43 – Upgraded Relations

How can we teach ourselves to feel love? How can guided imagery help us see our partners as the best spouses in the world?

New Life – Program 44 – Pure Love

The connection between love and mutual compromise, and why “being a helpmate” helps strengthen the quality of our relations?

New Life – Program 45 – Family & Intimacy

Why is the physical connection between partners so important, what is the way to awaken desire, what is fighting good for, what is the true magic of a compliment?