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What is a more effective form of resistance: non-violent resistance or armed struggle?

Neither non-violent resistance nor armed struggle will lead to any positive results. We cannot reach any lasting success by the force of the fist or by other forms of resistance. The world abounds with such examples. Resistance by force or by other means fails to bring peace, balance, understanding, unity and harmony in the world.

If we wish to change the savage, egoistic, hateful and arrogant oppressor who has the ability to exploit others, to a thinking, understanding and considerate being, then we should act solely by means of connection-enhancing education. By learning how nature works, and how the world should appear according to its nature, and ultimately, how to change our egoistic and divisive relations to altruistic and positively-connected ones, we will then reach a state where human society will become balanced with nature, and will then experience newfound harmony, happiness, confidence, safety and equality.

No egoistic forms will ever lead us to a lasting victory. Egoism will always lead us to defeat. This is why both non-violent resistance and armed resistance will ultimately lead to failure.

If we wish for success, then we need to expand our vision to take a long-term perspective, and then we will see that by bringing connection-enriching education to humanity, and especially to the young generation, where everyone will learn how nature works according to altruistic laws of interdependence and interconnectedness, we will then organize our lives in accordance with this law of nature and realize a harmonious existence for all.

The positive aspect in this situation is that humanity has all the necessary mechanisms in place for realizing connection-enriching connection. No one wishes to admit that they are egoistic and that they hate other people. Instead, people mostly like to perceive themselves as just and fair people, even altruistic. We can thus use this inner respect for altruism, and expand it to respect altruism and positive connections in human society at large.

If we setup our education and social influences such that we respect altruism and positive connection, then we will value each other, countries, governments and organizations only according to their altruistic contributions, and to the extent that they act for the sake of positively connecting human society.

In short, by valuing altruism and positive connection in society at large, with the aid of connection-enriching education and positive examples of altruism and connection in our social and media influences, we will build a better world.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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