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So Torn I am Afraid to Pray

A few days ago, I received an email from Yulia, who confessed to feeling torn, powerless in this world, and unable to help those close to her. “I have a prayer for peace,” she wrote, “for good connections among people, but I have a strange feeling that the more I ask for it, the worse matters become. It seems like we are approaching this fiery pit that we might all fall into, so I am afraid to keep praying.”

All I can say is that we need to pray for people to find the good that exists in the world, because there is good in this world, but it is not revealed. We need an example of it, to see that there are such operations in the world that are genuinely good, except we cannot see them because our eyes are selfish, turned toward ourselves. As a result, we cannot see what is outside of us.

We can change it, but for this, we need to change our prayers. We ask for quiet, peace, and happiness, but these, in the end, are selfish requests. The force that created this world and sustains it, and which we call the Creator, is the opposite of selfishness. It is a force of absolute goodness. Therefore, if we want to feel its presence and how it benefits the world, we must learn to see our world through the Creator’s benevolent eyes rather than through our selfish eyes.

We can do this if we stop asking for things to be good for us, and begin to ask that we, ourselves, will become good people. If we had the quality of goodness, we would be able to see that the good force is all that operates in our world. But since we do not have it and do not know how it should act in any given situation, because we are completely opposite to it, we cannot detect it in the world around us. Therefore, if we want to feel that the world is good behind the horrors we are seeing with our current, selfish eyes, we must first pray that we, too, will become good.

So, dear Yulia, if you want to stop being afraid that the world might fall into a fiery pit, pray that the Creator will change you, and you will see that the world is going to a place of unity and love for one another. Moreover, you will see how we can get there without the pain and suffering we see around us, and you will know what to tell people and how to help them get there soon.

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