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Queen Elizabeth and the Eternal Kingdom

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service.” Those were the words of commitment of then princess Elizabeth before becoming the Queen, and the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking this month seventy years of service to the people of the United Kingdom. People can learn from her example how to stand by one’s words and hold a role in steady devotion even when surrounded by storms.

For seven decades this petite but strong of stature lady has ruled Britain, containing the contrasts between the longing for empire and modern multiculturalism. She has showed stamina when intimate and embarrassing details of her family have spread across the world’s media.

At 96 years old, although showing physical fragility, she provides stability to the turbulent world of modern societies. I do not know another leader like her —a woman who recognizes and assumes the power of her role with unparallel commitment, acts with a determined spirit and impressive willpower, knows exactly how to function to give the world the degree of steadiness it needs.

She receives guests, attends ceremonies, even goes hunting in Scotland —not for her own pleasure, but as part of a royal protocol. Well done to her.

Elizabeth II seems to be the last of the queens. Time is doing its thing, and all the descendants of the crown exhibit an emptiness that does not fit into a throne. True kings or queens are not allowed to function according to their private will, according to desires and gut feelings, but to act according to what is desired for their role.

A king is a single leader who stands at the head and under him the others. This pattern is rooted in the plan of creation. Similar to the kingdom of the upper nature, the kingdom of heaven, the dynasties of kings on earth are a permanent, stable and unchanging factor that runs like a thread through the periods and generations. A kingdom is like a material branch that emerges from a spiritual root. Just as a hierarchy prevails in nature, a royal monarchy can be a suitable form of government in human society.

For several centuries in human history there has been such a close and visible connection between the people and the king of the world. It was the dynasty of the House of David that operated in Jerusalem until the destruction of the Temple, a passing episode that ended about two thousand years ago. The people of Israel are essentially not built to exist under a royal house. By nature, we despise anyone who jumps up and wants to be bigger than the others. The rest of the nations are willing to surrender under who among them knows how to lead them. For Israel, this is not appropriate and will not happen. From the beginning we were meant to exist in equality, to bow only to the supreme power of nature, and not to a king of flesh and blood.

We will succeed as a nation only if we unite with one heart and as a consequence reveal the hidden force of nature. This force will then truly rule over us and will cleanse us of our egoistic nature. We should do this not only for the sake of our good future, but to demonstrate to the world the kind of heartfelt connection it must reach in order for all of us alike to cling to Him, the eternal King of the world.

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