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Is Elon Musk’s plan to put a million people on Mars by 2050 even remotely feasible, or has he gone totally bonkers?

There is no need to colonize Mars.

I recently posted that the Earth can supply for many more billions of people than we currently inhabit, and that the difference between experiencing life on Earth as unpleasant versus feeling it as bliss is only in how we adjust our attitudes to each other.

In other words, we need only focus on creating life on Earth so that we positively connect, and then we will feel completely fulfilled—and the experience of complete fulfillment will dissolve any thoughts about inhabiting other planets.

I was also once very interested in space conquest, but after finding a method that gains us access to expanding our perception of reality and improving human connection, I see that we would better expend the energy that goes into all of our space programs by instead upgrading human relations.

It is natural that some of us have ambitions to transcend boundaries and ascend above our planet. These ambitions can also become fulfilled by rising in our will, our perception and our sensation of reality. Even if we fly to other planets and live there, if we fail to upgrade our attitude to others, then we will remain in our same sensations, and will have achieved little compared to the immense inner transformation that we can undergo.

Therefore, I recommend that we instead apply ourselves to improving human connections—rising above our egoistic boundaries and discovering new altruistic relations—and by doing so, we will discover completely new perceptions, sensations and fulfillments. Even traveling to the farthest planet in our galaxy would fall short of the fulfillment we would get from engaging in such an inner transformation.

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