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Humanity’s New Level of Development

A strong burst of accelerated human development pulsates through the world over a certain period of time. Such a pulse occurred in the Middle Ages and culminated in the era of the Industrial Revolution touching off breakthroughs in all areas—in science and technology, in culture and education, in society and philosophy. Unusual leaps in spiritual development also occur in the same manner.

Accelerated development is the result of a force that underlies society and all creation: the force of desire. Human desire constantly expands and, as a result of it, there is an endless quest for new ways to fulfill our intensifying yearning. The power of desire acts in individuals and in society in general in the form of self-centeredness, that is, in an egoistic, selfish intention for our own pleasure, including those achieved at the expense of the good of others.

But all the developments of the world point in one direction: to prepare mankind for a spiritual connection of perfect reciprocity, both between human beings, and between all the elements of nature and the supreme power. So even when we ostensibly develop selfish human systems, we inadvertently prepare the infrastructure for beautiful and corrected future connections.

Take the development of the internet as an example. Social media has become a hotbed of vitriolic discourse between people, with hatred often on open display which is completely the opposite to creating good interconnection. However, the current set up could serve as a perfect preparation for social media to carry positive messages of harmonious human connection.

Today the impetus towards more communication between all the inhabitants of the world is evident through two main epicenters: Covid-19 and immigration. The Covid plague is drawing us closer together through unmistakable and inextricable global ties around the world. The disease appears in one place and it immediately spreads everywhere with incredible speed.

Mass migration is another phenomenon that can no longer be stopped. Although prime ministers resist because the situation is spinning out of control, humanity has already permeated beyond the political boundaries formerly set. Immigrants have discovered that their opportunities are improved in more permissive and tolerant environments, and this has fostered the incentive for massive migratory movements. The phenomenon will intensify until we see representatives from different peoples in every country, societies worldwide will become increasingly diverse and complex at the same time.

In fact, we see that human interventions in society such as the one that we have just described, impact us like a head-on collision: countries are destroyed, cultures collapse, violence increases. So, the puzzling question emerges: How can difficult and complex processes lead to ideal connections?

The processes themselves are neither beautiful nor pleasant, but the beauty of them is that they lead to truth, to the opening of eyes, to the recognition of what exactly is broken and needs to be fixed. On one hand, this means that our total interdependence is exposed, and on the other hand, the revelation of this interdependence only comes about through negative events. Thus, one fact will gradually settle for us: our interdependence is inescapable and the negative connections between us are the only source of all trouble in the world, they are the only thing we must correct.

What next? Mankind will have to realize the full potential of its force of desire, to use all its resources to strengthen the bonds between us until we transcend the material sphere to an internal unity through which the thought of nature and the good and benevolent force behind it will be revealed.

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