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Where is the sharp rise of antisemitism on US campuses headed?

Toward fascism and Nazism. We think that everyone is developing toward a good state, but it is to the contrary. Before World War II and before Hitler, Germany was a highly developed nation and look at what happened to them.

While such a situation could very much awaken in the US, we Jews think that we can sit still, continue business as usual, and that everything will be fine. But antisemitism is rising and things will only get worse. Before the Holocaust, the Jews in Europe also thought that everything would be fine.

Therefore, I advise the people of Israel to think about where they are, about the dangerous situation we are in, and what the antisemites of the world are preparing for us. We can erase antisemitism only by awakening the people of Israel toward inner work, toward love of Israel.

Love of Israel will not only calm down antisemites, but it will also eliminate antisemitism. It is because love is the law of nature, which works such that as much as we draw closer to love each other, we likewise eliminate antisemitism from the world.

Therefore, whenever I hear about the sharp rises in antisemitism today, I look at a single task that is at hand: that the people of Israel need to reach a state of mutual positive connection. By doing so, we will bestow good upon the world and force the nations of the world to also positively connect. Alternatively, if the people of Israel are separated, then all the nations of the world start fighting each other, and eventually they turn against Israel.

Based on the video “Where Is the Sharp Rise of Antisemitism on US Campuses Headed?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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