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The Likud, the Zionist Union, and the (Israeli) President

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If the new government implements a spirit of true unity—among all factions of the nation, from all sides of the political map— it will succeed for sure. You cannot overstate the importance of the elections just held in Israel. The

Netanyahu, Khamenei, and How to Turn Gremlins into Gizmos on Purim

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I didn’t get to watch Netanyahu’s Congress Address last Tuesday, but a friend sent me a quote from the speech that caught his attention. In the quote, Netanyahu mentions the upcoming festival of Purim, when Jews read the book of

Purim—Not Your Jewish Halloween

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Purim - Not Your Jewish Halloween, by Dr. Michael Laitman

In This Article… What Is Purim? What Are the Costumes on Purim All About? What Does the King Represent in the Purim Story? What’s the Hidden Meaning of Esther in the Purim Story? What’s the Meaning of the Scroll and

Michael Laitman collaborates with international social scientists

Meeting with Director-General of UNESCO, Paris 2011

Over the past three decades, Dr. Laitman has published more than 40 books that have been translated into 18 languages; all with the goal of helping individuals achieve harmony within themselves and the environment around them.

Leader in Global Change

High Panel on Peace and Dialogue among Cultures. UN Headquarters, New York

Dr. Laitman’s new global education method was presented to UNESCO Director General Mrs. Irina Bokova, who callehim a “true visionary.” During their meeting they discussedcurrent worldwide education issues and Dr. Laitman’s visiofor their solution.