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Israel: No Independence without Interdependence

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I think that it is more than symbolic that Israel’s Independence Day comes just a week after the Holocaust Memorial Day. To me, it is clear that were it not for the Holocaust, the state of Israel would not have

Find Out How to Maximize Your Free Choice

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Are You Fulfilling All of Your Desires? After centuries of scientific development, we are discovering that there are fundamental laws in our world that affect us and the quality of our lives. Our work in this world is to evolve

Get Rid of the Crisis in Your Life Once and for All

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This Is The World Your Children Will Inherit Unless… We want to see ourselves living in a new generation. At the very least, we want to see our children living in it. We don’t want our children growing up in

Now You Can Wake Up and Reach Your True Potential

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Unemployment Is Growing. Do You Know How it Will Affect You? Today many people are uncertain and anxious about the future. Economists, financiers, and sociologists estimate that soon hundreds of millions worldwide will be out of work. They will have

Who Else Wants to Speed Up Their Social Evolution?

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Bad Connection With Others? Read This Today we are in a deepening global crisis, and seemingly we are desperately looking for help solving it. The problem is that we try to cure a disease without first establishing the proper diagnosis.

A World Where You Never Fear Is Possible Today

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Today, many people understand that we live in a globally interconnected world where only positive interrelationships can guarantee sustainable success in a humane society.   Are You Tired of Working So Much? If we improve our relations, we will certainly

The Art of Transforming Your Ego

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There’s a Very Dangerous Paradox Affecting Humanity Today Today humanity finds itself in a very dangerous paradox. On one hand, we evolved into a globally interconnected and interdependent network with each other, with unbreakable ties; on the other hand, we

What Everybody Ought to Know About Love

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How to Navigate Today’s Biggest Crisis We are in an unprecedented situation. For the first time in history we are experiencing a comprehensive crisis engulfing every realm of life. Many experts in various fields maintain that the root of the

The Lazy Person’s Way to Understand Interdependence

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How Nature Wants You to Be in Balance All systems—in Nature, in human society, and in our personal lives—exist under mutual influence. In fact, the whole of nature acts as a single mechanism. The more we study the universe, the

Now! Take Control of Your Life

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Here Is a Method that is Helping People to Maximize their Potential Up to this point in our development, we have been behaving and living instinctively, without using our unique human consciousness. The deepening global crisis—our suddenly obvious opposition to

The Secret of Living a Life without Conflict

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If You’re An Egoist, You Must Read This Today, we realize that our development as “humans” has driven us to a dead end. And while before, we tried to correct the world around us, trying different socioeconomic systems, today we

How a Newly Discovered Law of Nature Is Your Ticket to an Incredible Life

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Are You Adapted to Nature? The laws of Nature are unchanging. These aren’t political laws that we can bend however we want. The laws of Nature are above us. Just as we can only study the laws of physics, chemistry,