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The Second French Revolution

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Jerusalem Post (04-27-2017)

To avert the risk of a second Revolution, France’s next president will have to do what currently seems impossible: unite the French people. Faced with constant threats of terrorism and sharp divisions concerning immigration, economy, Frexit and other weighty issues,

What’s Next for France?

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HAARETZ (04-27-2017)

Rifts in French society are growing harder to overcome. Unless treated as opportunities to boost connection, the growing weight will crush them. The ever-present threat of terrorism and the rifts in French society concerning immigration, economy, Frexit, and other weighty

The Holocaust From Memory to Premonition

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HAARETZ (04-23-2017)

The worse we hate each other, the worse the world hates us. If we aren’t living up to our purpose, humanity sees no purpose in our living. Only a few years ago, Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day was a day

Hate Crimes in Israel Must Be Held to a Higher Standard

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algemeiner article

The recent hate crimes perpetrated by Israeli Jews against Jews and Arabs have opened a bleeding wound in Israeli society. It is not the first time that Israelis have carried out such crimes against Jews or Arabs. In 1983, peace activist Emil Grunzweig was murdered

How Trump Can Drain the Swamp

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haaretz - drain the swamp post

So far, Trump’s been a fighter, but draining the swamp and making America great will take a miracle—uniting the “United States.” Some Points to Consider To no one’s surprise, even President Trump’s April 7 missile attack on the Syrian air

Michael Laitman: Uniting The States For A Great America In Trump’s Era

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Jewish Business News (04-29-2017)

Trump’s missile attack on Syria has been largely approved, indicating that America wants to reclaim the international watchdog role. But first, Trump must recover the unity of the United States. The Jews in his administration can help him do just

Jewish Self-Hatred Is the Leaven We Must Clear Out

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If there is any hatred more enigmatic than antisemitism, it is Jewish antisemitism. Our self-hatred is a sinister, undying fountain, but it will not dry out until we find its trigger and defuse it. History is replete with examples of

Connection: Something New on the Seder Menu

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haaretz connection somethine new

This year, as we sit around the table during the Seder and talk about freedom, let’s talk about freedom from hatred. The deeper we go into 2017, the more chaotic the world appears. Today, the only thing most people can

Exodus—How We Became a Nation, and How We Stopped Being One

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jpost exodus

Next week we will celebrate the liberation of our people from slavery to freedom as we sit around the Seder table on Passover night. On this holiday, we tend to focus our attention on the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh,

How Trump Can Tweet His Way Towards American Stability

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Huffington Post (02-15-2017)

As hated as he is by so many, Trump can actually serve as a catalyst for positive change, and even Twitter could be useful in the process Trump’s presidency is the result of the years of Democratic rule that left

Liberals, Republicans, and the Jews Between Them

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Huffington Post (02-13-2017)

US Jewry stands out more than any Jewish community in history. They will determine if this works for them or against them. For several months now, I have been writing about the exposure of the totalitarian nature of today’s liberalism,

Unsettling “Liberal” Behavior Calls for a New Socio-Political Order

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Huffington Post (02-10-2017)

Human society is coming to a point where extreme social polarization must bring about a higher level of social organization. What goes on in America ripples throughout the world, and it is my hope that we can elevate our mindset