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Trump Must Focus on American Unity First

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For anyone not in President Trump’s closest circle, it is hard to figure out where the White House is going. I was very supportive of Trump even before he won the Republican primaries, but currently, it’s hard to see where

Is It Too Late for American Jewry?

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It may already be too late for American Jewry, but uniting the Jews above all the disagreements is still the only thing that can save them from a catastrophe that is now vividly in the horizon. For more than a

Tu B’Av is More than One Day of Love

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Much more than hearts and flowers! Discover the unconditional love symbolized by Tu B’Av and how it can elevate the world. In modern-day Israel, Tu b’Av (the 15th of Av) has become a feel-good day, mostly characterized by spouses buying chocolate and

When a Debate Turns into Hate, We Are Sealing Our Fate

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No emperor on earth has ever defeated us, but when we forgot that all Jews are responsible for one another, we sometimes defeated ourselves. Now, another such defeat is within sight. Following the removal of the metal detectors from the

UNESCO Reflects Not the Nations’ Antisemitism, But Our Own Self-Hatred

In April 2016, when UNESCO adopted a resolution denying Jewish history on Temple Mount, I wrote that this was only the beginning of a campaign to deny the history of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, a campaign whose final

The Only Way to Peace is Jewish Unity

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Just as we once lost the Temple and our land because of our own hatred for one another, we must now come together if we wish for some peace and quiet. As the Temple Mount crisis continues, many are concerned that we

Who is the Sovereign on Temple Mount?

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This Tuesday, we will mark the 9th of Av, when the Temple was destroyed. The Temple represents our unity. When we restore our union, we will not need bricks to prove our place is here in Israel. It is no

American Jewry — On the Path to Self-Destruction

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History repeatedly shows that we abuse and ostracize our own people, despite ocular proof that our divisiveness is the cause of our ruin. If the Arabs learned from the Romans, whose legions destroyed Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, we would not

UNESCO Reflects Not the Nations’ Antisemitism, but Our Own Self-Hatred

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It is quite symbolic that UNESCO, the organization in charge of world heritage, is denying our historic right to Israel. Without a present that justifies our claim, our history is meaningless. In April 2016, when UNESCO adopted a resolution denying

What Is the Most Significant Consequence of Trump’s Decision to Withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord?

The most significant consequence from Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord is that it helps awaken the question: What influence do we as humans really have on global warming? Is there enough conclusive evidence that

Michael Laitman: Chicago Dyke March’s Rude Awakening For Progressive Jews

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On June 27, The Times editor, Bari Weiss, wrote that she was glad the Dyke March banned Jewish stars. I, too, am glad, but not over the banning. I’m glad that Weiss acknowledged that there is widespread anti-Semitism, including in the US, and I’m

When Chicago Dyke March Bans a Jewish Pride Flag, Jews Should Feel Unsafe

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When a march that dons inclusion as its motto excludes Jews, it is not a misunderstanding; it is the canary in the mine. During last month’s 2017 Chicago Dyke March, the true face of “inclusion” among “progressives” finally surfaced. According